Widget conflict

A few comments posted here have raised an issue about the Widget.

Basically, there is a conflict between the Subscribe2 Widget and any other widget that makes use of the WordPress the_content function.

So far I am aware of the issue with:

And now the bad news 😦 There is no fix!

My widget is a hack so that the Subscribe2 form that was originally intended for display on a page only can be included in the sidebar. I’m really sorry that there is no fix to this – at least none I can figure out an I’ve spent hours trying!

So, solutions:

  1. Put up with an ugly side bar
  2. Remove the Subscribe2 Widget and replace it with a link to your Subscription Page
  3. Remove other plugins that conflict with the Subscribe2 Widget

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  1. Just wondering, I’ve been testing subscribe2 with different email addresses but all it seems to do is send emails to me as the administrator. I have WP 2 and the latest version of the plugin. Any ideas

  2. Steve,

    I’m presuming you are using the latest version (2.8) and have tried all the usual solution like re-uploading the plugin and turining all other plugins off.

    If you are getting the emails (as admin) but other email addresses are not getting them then it appears to be a restriction on your host server.

    Emails are sent to subscribers using Bcc: header – check with your host that this is allowed.

  3. I’ll check with my hosting service and let you know. I did reupload, but didn’t turn all of the other plugins off. Do you mean that they need to be turned off permanently? Or just during upload and configuration? Thank you.

  4. Steve,

    Not permanently but turn them off and check if Subscribe2 works with them off. If it doesn’t then it’s fine to switch them back on as it’s obviously something else.

    But if it starts working then you would start investigating which plugin was stopping Subscribe2 by turning them back on one at a time.

  5. My hosting service’s English isn’t the best, but here’s the response:

    the BCC header on php/cgi scripts is a server restriction as it is the latest trick SPAMERS have been using injecting BCC headers and pushing their junk and hiding themseves (and word press was one of the affected scrpts) however CC should work

    Any ideas?


  6. Steve,

    Well, that’s told us why Subscribe2 isn’t working πŸ™‚ Your host is blocking email to Bcc: addresses.

    To fix this replace the two instances of Bcc: in lines 275 and 305 with Cc:

    The only issue you’ll face with this approach is your subscribers will all see each others emails 😦

    You’re other option is to bet Bcc: enabled by your host or change hosts!

  7. Well, now I learn that apparently it isn’t blocked. How odd, eh? While I’d really like to use it to update clients, it’s alright. I do appreciate your help, but this certainly shouldn’t take up anymore of your time.

  8. Steve,

    So has your host opened up Bcc: for you or are they giving you conflicting information?

    It seems a shame to give up so soon to me – I quite happy to provide support to those who help themselves and who help me by doing some leg work too!

  9. Sorry it’s taken me a bit of time to respond and as you absolutely do provide remarkable support for a product that is essentially gratis, I feel a bit guilty for that dilatory attitude. First, in my own defense, the hosting service on which http://asternglance.com resides is a small company run by a fellow who is particularly articulate (as you might have noticed from the quotes I posted). I actually did the “legwork,” but it’s virtually impossible for me to understand his responses. That said, for some odd reason, it seems to be working just fine now and I am using Subscribe2, or at least testing it. We started using this service after our previous host went out of business and this fellow seemed eminently responsive. However, we also use Hostgator as a backup service and we’re thinking about moving Glance there, but it’s an iffy issue as the site seems to be working fine and we’d had to have to reconstruct (although Gator says it can “migrate” it without a problem).

    All of that said, thank you so much for your indulgence and come visit Glance if you have a chance.


  10. Oh, I forgot to ask: Is there anywhere in Subscribe2 that one can simply add email addresses to the mailing list without having them actually register on the blog? Thanks

  11. Steve,

    I think your host may have allowed Bcc: sending given your earlier email – which is great because Subscribe2 will now work out of the box!

    If you want to add subscribers yourself go to Manage -> Subscribers and you can add as many email addresses as you like to the public subscribers list. Just make sure they are comma seperated or on one line each.

  12. Is there a function in Subscribe2 that that allows for NOT sending an email with each post, i.e. being selective when a post is made an not sending any emails to any subscriber?

  13. Steve,

    Not as such but you can exclude a certain category so emails are not sent when posts are made to that category.

    Of course there is an easier way – simply deactivate the plugin before publishing, then re-activate it again afterwards.

  14. A few more questions:
    1. If you enter “subscribers” in the “subscribe addresses” section, do all of these subscribers receive posts as they are posted? (all categories are checked to be included). I ask this question because when I look at the list, the categoies only list “registered” users or something like that.
    2. Is there a way to automatically move subscribers to “registered?”
    3. Is there a way to check what emails were sent to whom?


  15. 1. Yes. They will become Public subscribers and get an excerpt of all posts except those in excluded categories

    2. No. Public Subscribers and Registered Subscribers are in entirely seperate database tables.

    3. No. You can identify which type of subscriber a user is in Manage -> Options but you won’t know which categories each Registered User has opted in to receive.

  16. Thanks. As you might note from A Stern Glance, it really doesn’t matter, as all subscribers should receive everything. We’re just on our way out for the holidays, but will send you a contribution when I return Saturday. Appreciate all.

  17. From Scottsdale, AZ (where we go every year on this holiday). I’m not much of a gambler, though I am a $2 bettor on the horses during the triple crown.

  18. Hi, firstly thanks for a great plugin πŸ™‚

    I have the semilogic theme installed, which I think is conflicting with this plugin

    Ive installed it and manually added a test email under Manage/Subscribers

    when I create a post, this test email does get the email about the post, so this is working.

    though for the life of me I cannot while making a page find the S2 that your docs refer to, additionally in this page if I enter the token

    in the source of the message, the form does not appear.

    if you could help me in this situation, i’d be very greatful, supplying the code for the form so i can add it in the page would be great.

    The plugin is working fine, Unfortunaely i cannot create a form for my members to join the list etc.

    Thank you

    Peter Drew

  19. Peter,

    WordPress.com strips HTML tags from posts but I think I have figured out your issue anyway.

    On your subscription page, on viewing the source you’ll find a space between the paragraph tag and the subscribe2 token, you need to remove this and things should start working.

    It looks like this:

    <p> <!–subscribe2–>

    But should look like this:


  20. firstly. thanks for your prompt reply πŸ™‚

    having difficulties getting the page correct.

    though ive put it in the main page which does actually work and provide a link


    though this only for registered users of my blog, if they click on the register link they are taken to

    and will become a member, but not of the subscribe2 list and will not recieve the emails upon posts etc

    Hope that makes sense


  21. Peter,

    I’m looking at:


    The information that is substituted for the Subscribe2 token is dynamic. If you are a registered user and are logged in it will be a link to your profile. If you are not logged in it will be a sign up form for new public users, when an email address is submitted this changes again to give the subscriber feedback.

    The link you’ve put into the main page is really only useful to registered users of your blog who can manage their subscriptions from that linked page.

  22. Hi, sorry I should of been more clear

    i put the token in the main template

    Under the text on the main page
    write page test 2

    see this link
    Mail Subscribers

    would you be available to fix this, im happy to pay via paypal whatever is required πŸ™‚

    Please email me if you are available to fix this for me.

    Thank you

    Peter Drew

  23. Hello!
    First of all, GREAT plugin. I’ve been struggling with older versions of Subscribe2 and never got them to work correctly…probably more my fault than anything, but there always seemed to be compatability issues.

    I am running WordPress version 2.1 and Subscribe2 version 2.3.0 for WP2.1.

    The problem that I am having is that the e-mail database seems to be inop. I have a page that I created that allows for the “dynamic” nature of the subscription process (as described above…registered users modify their profile to subscribe, while new users submit their e-mail address). It can be viewed on

    The problem is that
    1. Regardless of whether you are submitting your e-mail address or modifying the profile, the e-mail addresses are not added to the addresses shown in the
    Admin-Manage-Subscribers section.

    2. If a person registers, arent they supposed to be able to modify their subscription preferences when viewing their profile after logging in? The “Subscriptions” tab seems to be only accessible when you actually log in, go to my subscription page , click the link to modify the profile (on the page given above) and then “submit”. In other words, persons who register are NOT being added to the “Subscribers” database either.

    I double-checked to make sure that I haven’t left out any installation files…they are all there as instructed, and the Subscribe2 plugin APPEARS like it’s all there…

    Am I a dope and missing something? (probably….)

    Thanks for a great plugin…I know I’ll get it working eventually! πŸ™‚


  24. Hello again….

    An update on my question….

    I really have no idea why, but the database appears to be picking up some e-mails now, but I still have a couple questions, which mirror those in my original post:

    1. If a registered user comes along, it appears the only way for them to subscribe is to go to the subscription page and edit their profile. Their subscription options are NOT displayed upon initial login (where they see their name, e-mail, change password, etc.). There is no “subscription” tab or any fields that correspond to their subscription preferences. Is this normal? In the OPTIONS–SUBSCRIBE2 section, the option “Automatically subscribe new users registering with your blog. is checked YES”, but that is not occurring. It has to be manually accomplished via the subscribe page.

    2. If a new (non-registered) user comes along and enters their e-mail address in the subscribe field on the subscribe page, a confirmation e-mail is sent. That works fine. When the link is clicked in the confirmation e-mail, it takes the user to a “front page” to my site (www.earthtodave.com) which is “ahead” of the WP blog where Subscribe2 can “see” the user and thus confirm their subscription. I realize this is not the fault of Subscribe2, but is there a way to alter the code of the Subscribe2 plugin to direct the user to the “REAL” home page (http://earthtodave.com/index.php/) where the Subscribe2 can “see” the user to confirm him/her?

    Thanks for your patience and great work!


  25. Dave,

    Not sure what your database issue was but as it seems to be working…

    For registered users – when they log in there should be a subscriptions page added to their user profile allowing them to manage their subscription. I’ll see if I can re-produce the autosubscription problem.

    Your second problem may be down to not specifying the S2PAGE variable in the code to your WordPress Page where you have put the subscre2 form. Otherwise you can edit the code – look for a variable called $LINK and hardcode the URL you want.

  26. Thanks for the quick reply!

    I know exactly what you mean re: the subscriptions page. That makes sense, as you “see” it when you click the link on the subscriptions page. But if you log in, it is not there. Feel free to give it a try. You can e-mail me at Dave@earthtodave.com if you need to see the admin side of the WP site…I’d be happy to make that happen.

    As for coding that page, do I understand correctly that the only way to change the directed-to page in the confirmation process is to change the hardcode? I don’t see any other area where this can be done, as far as the administrator settings. What file is that coding in? I’ll start rummaging around for it.

    Thanks again!

  27. Just like to say thanks for all your help

    my plugin is now working great and im amazed at how many people acutally subscribe to it


    Peter Drew

  28. Hi, another Question,

    Im gaining over 100 subscribers per day.. which is over 3000 per month

    how reliable do you think this php mailer will be when the list gets to this size?


  29. Peter,

    I’ve got 250 subscribers without problems. My honest answer is I don’t know though!

    It’s likely that any limitations will be set on the server MTA software based upon your bandwidth usage. Let us all know how you get on please!

  30. There is also a conflict with Simple Forum using the widget with the_content function… just thought I’d let you know.

  31. I’ve tweaked the widget to work without using the_content filter…I have it working on an installation now, though I have a couple of bugs…not sure if they are Subscribe2 bugs or my widget bugs. When you are logged in and click on profile I get that ‘Cannot redeclare s2init()’ error. Also, I am not sure what the action path should be in the form for public (non-member) subscribers. If anyone would like a copy (especially you, Matt) please email me at ken DOT litscher AT gmail DOT com.

    Basically, I just checked to see if someone was logged in and gave them different content through that if…else statement based on if they were logged in or not.

  32. Does this also apply to the main subscribe token? Try as I may, I just can’tseem to get the subscription form to display on the unique page! Share This is enabled for all pages.

  33. Re: Naa’s comment:

    I found a conflict with Event Calendar using “the_content” also. I just renamed all instances of that string with s2_content and it seems to be working now.

  34. Subscribe2 2.3.5 and Widget 1.3 do not work in WP 2.2 with exec-php 3.2 enabled.

    is it possible to hard code the form elements into a text widget in the mean time?

    Thanks for your hard work on this plug-in.


  35. I have not been able to get the widget working in any of my WordPress blogs since version 2.2 updates. I am using version 1.3 of the widget. It doesn’t even appear in the available “boxes” to drag into the sidebar layout. I have been using sociable, but I deactivated that in the interest of trying to get this working, to no avail. I have tried to reinstall, deactivating other plugins (I have a few installed) etc. I am sure if there is a conflict with something, I just haven’t figured out what.

  36. Sorry it has been some time since I have looked for an upgrade or anything to make the widget work again. I just did a (painful) upgrade to v 2.3 and in the process removed all my other plugins, then installed the new subscribe2 and widget. The widget still doesn’t even appear in the options in the admin. I am manually putting in a link to a subscribe page, but that was never as cool as the widget. Bummer.

  37. Jeremy,

    That’s what you get for being on the bleeding edge of development πŸ™‚

    The new version of Subscribe2 doesn’t need the extra Widget plugin – it’s all integrated. Look in Options -> Subscribe2 and check to box to activate the Widget!

  38. Hello,

    I found a solution to probably most of the compatibility issues. Add the following code in your theme, where you’d like to see the Subscribe2 form to appear:


    More precisely, this solved my compatibility issue with PodPress 8.8 and Subscribe2 4.4 (using WordPress 2.3.3).

    I hope this helps!

  39. My code didn’t display properly in the previous comment… here’s another trial:

    global $mysubscribe2;
    echo $mysubscribe2->filter('<!–subscribe2–>');

  40. I just installed your plugin in widget form on a client’s site. It’s the third mailing list subscribe plugin I’ve tried, and I seem to encounter the same problem with all of them. That problem is: I receive subscription errors whenever I try to enter gmail, yahoo or hotmail email addresses. My hosted domain email addresses work, but obviously I need to be able to enter gmail, yahoo and hotmail addresses as well. I suspect this is ultimately a problem with the host, but I am completely at a loss as to why this is happening. Could you shed any light on this for me, or point me in the right direction?

  41. Thanks so much for your quick reply. The error I get whenever I enter a gmail, yahoo or hotmail email is “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.” I have no blocked domains. I haven’t tweaked any of the options yet, so it’s pretty much operating with the out-of-box settings.

  42. I updated the plugin, and tried subscribing my gmail and yahoo email addresses again, and I got the same error message (“Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”), and no confirmation email was received at either address. At this point I’m just working on getting the subscribe to mailing list function working, and I haven’t even tried sending out email updates (because I don’t have a mailing list yet). I’m not particularly convinced it’s an issue with your plugin. I just can’t figure out why my personal domain email addresses can subscribe, but not any of the “big” providers like gmail, yahoo and hotmail… If you want to check out the site I have the plugin installed on, it’s http://www.myurbansuburban.com. I really appreciate your help with this! I know you probably have a million other more productive things to do! πŸ™‚

  43. Genevieve,

    I tried a few emails and all of them failed to send. I think the issue is with your host and it seems to be blocking all off-domain emails.

  44. Hi, I installed the plugin but I can’t insert it into my site…
    the codes that some posted in this comments aren’t working for me…
    can I get some help please

  45. Iulian,

    Sorry but can’t insert what? The token or the Widget? You don’t need the code if you enable and use the widget. Please try to be clearer about your problem.

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