Plural Widgets

Thanks to the work of Darrell Schulte there is now the option to add a Subscribe2 Sidebar using K2.

The code for this functionality is available on the SVN under widgets/K2.

To Install you should upload the code into the app/modules directory within their K2 directory hierarchy. You might also want to remove the regular widget to avoid confusion/conflicts.

I don’t use K2 so please report issues directly to Darrell through his website.

I’ve also upload the code used for the WordPress Widget to the SVN site.

14 thoughts on “Plural Widgets

  1. his may already be a feature that I could treak in the coding, but is there a way to set subscribe2 to deliver headlines weekly instead of when each is posted?

    Sometimes I feel like a spammer if I post more than twice a week on the site.

  2. Andrew,
    Subscribe2 uses WP-Cron to enable sending of daily emails. WP-Cron does not support a weekly function but this may be an option when Cron is built into WordPress (Version 2.1 hopefully)

  3. I was hoping you could help me with an unrelated question.

    I am using WordPress, and I have the plugin for subscribe2 activated, but it is not e-mail the subscribers when a new post is made.

    I’m sure it’s obvious what I am doing wrong, but I can’t figure it out.

  4. Jesse,

    There is a bug on line 517

    $mailheaders .= “From: $admin->display_name user_email>”;

    should be;

    $mailheaders .= “From: $admin->display_name user_email>\n”;

    Try changing this or contacting your host to check if email sending os allowed.

  5. “The code for this functionality is available on the SVN under widgets/K2.” –> This page doesn’t seem to have the code for Subscribe2 for K2. Am I missing it or is it moved to another location?

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  6. RK

    The SVN site is operated by Automattic and in upgrading the TRAC software they have broken things 😦

    They are working on getting things back up again but in the meantime I’m stuck for all be the simplest hosting.

  7. Hi

    Thanks a lot!!

    Now the Subscribe2 Sidebar module widget plugin for K2 can be downloaded here:

    Click on the “download” link and save the file.

    If you’re using the K2 theme, move the saved file “subscribe2_sidebar_module.php” to /wp-content/themes/K2/app/modules

    If you’re using the Triple K2 theme, move the file to /wp-content/themes/TripleK2/app/modules


  8. Strange thing. I was using the ordinary widget version with k2 until I uploaded to 2.3.3, at which point it disappeared. This one seems to be working. Thanks!

  9. regarding the post to do with manual insertion into sidebar.

    It should read:


  10. I am dumbfounded.

    I upload subscribe2_sidebar_module.php to /wp-content/themes/k2/app/modules/

    But I don’t see the widget in the list in K2’s Sidebar Manager. Am I doing something wrong?


  11. Laundro,

    I don’t use the K2 theme myself but it would seem that K2 has been updated for WordPress 2.3.x. Make sure you are using the latest version and if you are having problems you should lodge a bug report.

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