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I am pleased to announce that I can now produce Translations Template (POT) files for Subscribe2.

When a version release announcement is made on this site there is an update to the development repository. Versions are stored in a directory with the corresponding version number in the tags area.

As previously, if you make a translation then let me know and I can publish it or link to your site from here.


23 thoughts on “Translation Templates

  1. Hi,
    I just got a chance to update to the new version of Subscribe2, and I found only one thing that may cause a little bit of confusion. the buttonsnap.php file is supposed to go into the plugins directory, but unless your upgrading or installing Subscribe2 there’s no way of knowing what it is really for. So my idea is maybe move the buttonsnap.php file into (or back into) the subscribe2 directory. Thanks… 🙂

  2. Joe,

    I moved the buttonsnap.php library so that several plugins can use one copy of the file rather than having individual copies for each plugin.

    It can be moved back easily with an edit to the path specified in the code. Parhaps I should add some information into the documentation about this file.

  3. Annelies,

    You should follow the Translations link in the Sidebar. You need to upload the *.MO file for your language into the subcribe2 folder and ensure you have made the appropriate chagens to wp-config.php to enable translations for you language.

    [At the moment the link is not working as the is non-functionning properly]

  4. Thanks for your explanation. I suspected it should work this way, but since I couldn’t download the MO-files, I started to have doubts.

    Since the files are still not downloadable from, is there another way to obtain the nl_NL.MO files? I’m running the plugin on a site that’s meant for PR-purposes and if it takes a long time before the translation is avialable, I have to tanslate everything myself.

  5. Antoine,

    Sent to your email. There is alreadya French translation on the SVN site but with it being down there is no access. I’ve emailed the site admin so we’ll have to be patient 😦

  6. Hi Matt,

    can you email me the english PO file? So i can translate it into german.
    I tried to do it with the pot-file you provide, bus as i’am working with winXP-version of poEdit it doesn’t creates a catalogue … I’m gonna try that with the po-file instead.

  7. Hi Matt,

    thx Matt, it worked now at the SVN.

    And I made the German translation (informal).
    You can get the MO file from here.


    Die deutsche Übersetzung für Subscribe2 v2.8 gibt es hier.
    Viel Spass!

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