Subscribe2 2.7

Version 2.7 of the Plugin is now ready!

This update has addressed the following issues:

  • Link to post in HTML emails is now functional
  • Fixed bug in Bulk Management so it works when first loaded
  • Ability to auto subscribe newly registering users
  • Added additional email header information

Download Version 2.7, recommended for all users.

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

97 thoughts on “Subscribe2 2.7

  1. When was this version published, cause when I go to the plugins in the admin panel it already says version 2.7. I’ve installed it last week.

  2. Question, when i write a message for later publishing (set the date of publish 3 days from now), when will the mailing list send it to all subscribers? Right away or not until its published on the blog?

  3. this should be a lovely script.. but I just can’t get it to work – it’s not sending mails at all to anyone at any time.

    any tips?

  4. Ed,

    Do users get emails when they register with the actual blog? These emails are sorted by WordPress rather than Subscribe2.

    Also, do you (as admin) get notifications of new posts? It could be that your server copy of sendmail is not configured to accept Bcc headers.

  5. While I am not a COMPLETE novice at this, I am far from an expert! I’ve installed the plug-in, created a page, and am able to enter an e-mail address in the box. When I hit “Subscribe”, I get a note that a confirmation message is on it’s way. However, nothing is received in my e-mail. I’ve tried hotmail addresses, work e-mail, and a variety of others. They haven’t gone to spam, either. I saw a post that those using BlueHost were having problems, and the plugin “ShiftThis SMTP Email” was recommended (I also have blue host). I installed and configured that as well, but am having no luck. I would really just like to be able to have people subscribe, and thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. 5.5 hours later, I’m no better off! I’ve visited the WP forums, and scoured the net, to no avail. Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

  6. One more thing that I noticed when messing in my BlueHost control panel…for the outgoing SMTP, next to it, in bold, it says “requires authentication”. Would that have anything to do with it? Thanks!

  7. Hi,

    I’ve downloaded the latest version of subscribe 2 (2.7) and installed it without any trouble or errors, but when I place the on a page or within a post, the form is not displayed. By looking at the html source from my web browser, the continues to be displayed and has not been replaced with the form code.

    I have reverted back to the default theme, and reinstalled the plugin, but this does not fix the problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what could be going wrong? or anything else I can do to provide more information?

    Thanks very much,

  8. Lilly,
    It sounds to me like a problem with BlueHost and their acceptance (or otherwise) of PHP generated emails. Have you asked them about their server configuartion? Subscribe2 sends the email to the administrator of the blog and puts subscriber addresses into the Bcc: field. If they won’t allow this you’ll have to tinker with the code or get something like SMTP Plugin working.

  9. small problem;

    line 517

    $mailheaders .= “From: $admin->display_name user_email>”;

    should be;

    $mailheaders .= “From: $admin->display_name user_email>\n”;

    and please while you’re at it, take the hardcoded line 507 text Subscription Reminder and make ik translateable.

    Cool plugin btw 🙂

  10. line 725

    $message = “$this->email ” . __(‘subscribed to email notifications!’, ‘subscribe2’);

    also some hardcoded english text!!

  11. and line 724;

    $subject = ‘[‘ . get_settings(‘blogname’) . ‘] ‘ . __(‘New subscriber’, ‘subscribe2’);

    also well you get the idea 🙂

  12. form at line 1473 also has some hardcoded text, I guess you got to check this code completely, would be easier instead of me reporting every line I guess, don’t want to bother you with that.

  13. Hans,

    Thanks for spotting the missing “\n”, I’ll be sure to fix that for the next release.

    In terms of the “hardcoded” text, I am no expert here but I don’t think they are hard coded as the strings are constructed correctly for translations files. If I’ve got this wrong then it seems strange to me that other areas of the code are being translated okay.

    If someone out there knows more about translations and can tell me how to make a POT file to allow translations please can you post a comment.

  14. Deanna,

    Near the top of the plugin source there is a line that says:

    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘0’);

    You need to change the 0 to the id number of your subscription page.

  15. I’v translated it to portuguese.

    Why cant I choose to let everyone – public users – to receive html fulltext through the admin ? I could only do it by changing the code…

    Gilberto Jr

  16. Gilberto

    If you email me (private email sent) the po file I’ll make it available with the other translations.

    Public users can’t get HTML email through the plugin. The option of full post emails, category subscription and HTML email are for incentives and benefits users who register. If I make these available to public subscribers where is the incentive to subscribe?

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  18. > If I make these available to public subscribers where is the incentive to subscribe?

    Surely I’m missing something, but I don’t really know why it’s so important to have the users register on the blog in the first place. I’d be perfectly happy, as a webmaster, to just have people subscribed (without separate WordPress accounts).

  19. By the way, contains funky Mac OS X artifacts: a __MACOSX folder, etc. Could you publish a cleaner zip?

  20. Jack,

    Cheers for the spot about the Mac OSX resource files – I’ve removed them from the zip to avoid confusion but all other files remain the same.

    I like users to register with my site (my main one not this one) before posting comments. I want to use Subscribe2 to encourage sign up and therefore discussion.

    The plugin does not stop people just registering for email notification.

  21. I too have problems with notifications not being sent out.
    I did not see a general soluton or advisory in previous comments.


  22. Matt,

    There are some pointers here and here.

    The problem I face is WordPress blogs are hosted on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX platforms running differing versions of PHP and SQL servers and with different web server applications and configurations.

    There is no “general fix” to missing emails because of the virtually infinite number of possible configurations and as such much of the leg work to fix missing emails must be done by you, the user.

    All emails sent by Subscribe2 are sent to the blog admin and copied to subscribers. If you are not getting the email you need to narrow the field of possibilities down. Is it being filtered as spam? Does your server configuration allow the sending of emails at all? Does your server recognise Cc: and Bcc: email headers? Do other blog emails arrive, from WordPress or other plugins?

  23. I have a problem with this plug-in that is driving me crazy. Notifications are only sent when a post is first created and published. If I make a new post and save it – then come back later and publish it – the notification is sent to the admin only.. but not the other public subscribers.

    Is this a known issue? Any workarounds?

    Thank you!


  24. Jon,
    This is really very strange – it is not possible to construct the email inside Subscribe2 to send to admin without it being Bcc:’ed to the subscribers. Either an email is sent or not at all.

    Also, what you describe is exactly the way I use the plugin – saving first (several times) then publishing and without fail the email is sent. Are you using the latest versions of Subscribe2 and WordPress as this was an issue in early version of the plugin for the 2.0.x branch of WordPress.

  25. Matt: Thanks for taking this project over fr. Skippy. Believe it or not, I didn’t find out about the handover until just now & have been running 2.2.2 for the longest time.

    I’ve just installed 2.2.7 & it seems to be working well. I had Skippy’s plugin set to send out a daily digest. Since I’ve deleted his old plugin along w. the special coding I had to do to get it to send out the daily digest, can you tell me whether I have to do this w. yr version as well & if so, how? I remember w. Skippy’s I had to change one setting either from True to False or vice versa.

    I’ve had 2 big problems with Skippy’s version which I’m hoping yours will fix. Often, S2 would send out duplicate e mail notices to subscribers–sometimes as many as 5! ANd this is using the daily digest format.

    The other problem I had is that when I tried to customize the New Post E Mail by adding custom text & hyperlinks, portions of the text were truncated in the actual e mail that was received by the subscriber. I tried to get help figuring out what was wrong & how to fix it but couldn’t.

    I’ll wait to see if these problems are fixed w. yr version. Hopefully they will be.

  26. Good news–mostly.

    I’ve succeeded in figuring out how to change the code to get daily digests. And the Post Notification template is now working right & incorporates all of my customizations.

    But despite checking HTML format for subscriber e mails they’re still coming in plain text format. Is there some other setting I need to change to get true html e mail format?

  27. Public users can’t get HTML email through the plugin. The option of full post emails, category subscription and HTML email are for incentives and benefits users who register. If I make these available to public subscribers where is the incentive to subscribe?

    I’m afraid I’m with Gilberto & Jack Tanner on this. I want all my subscribers regardless of whether they’ve registered to be able to receive html formatted notifications. Withholding features from an unregistered subscriber is not terribly meaningful (not to me anyway). How does relegating him/her to receiving only plain text msgs. encourage them to register? How would they even know what “perks” they get fr. registering? And why would this incentivize them?

    Personally, I think that registration can be an onerous process for many readers. Mostly they don’t see the need or use for it so they don’t do it. If I had a huge blog readership & wanted more control over who posted I could see using registration in the way you describe. But I have a relatively small readership & don’t think these distinctions are specially meaningful.

    Sorry, hope this doesn’t sound argumentative. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents for what it’s worth–or not worth.

    And btw, I AM a registered user yet I’m still receiving plain text notices as I mentioned in my previous comment.

  28. Richard,

    Glad you’ve found the new home of Subscribe2 and also found how to turn on daily digest emails. The multiple email probelms should be fixed now but emails are always setup toensure delivery even if this means getting several copies instead of none so it may not disappear 100% of the time.

    The other problem I had is that when I tried to customize the New Post E Mail by adding custom text & hyperlinks, portions of the text were truncated in the actual e mail that was received by the subscriber.

    You can customise the email with text but not tags as these will be stripped by the plugin before emailing (especially to plaintext recipients). It may also get truncated is a user is getting excerpt emails rather than the full post.

    I want all my subscribers regardless of whether they’ve registered to be able to receive html formatted notifications.
    And btw, I AM a registered user yet I’m still receiving plain text notices as I mentioned in my previous comment.

    The HTML email capability is implemebted to allow the text formatting in a post to be duplicated in an email. Bold text in the post will be bold in the email and so on.

    Skippy added this functionality and I have maintained it even though I am personally very much against HTML emails. Persoanlly, if your blog only sent me HTML emails I would not subscribe but then we are all different.

    Rather than entering into a lengthy debate on the pros and cons of HTML email and how useful or useless we each find it I will check the code and see if an admin option could solve the debate or I’ll perhaps post a hack to the code to enable HTML to all for those who want HTML emails for everyone.

  29. I’ve installed the plugin a few minutes ago. Everthing is working fine, but the permalinks in the notication mail are wrong. The default category in my blog is chosen in the URL regardsless of the category I’ve chosen for this post, so if I click on the link to read the rest of the post, I get a 404-error. I use custom permalinks /%category%/%year%/%postname%/

  30. I will check the code and see if an admin option could solve the debate or I’ll perhaps post a hack to the code to enable HTML to all for those who want HTML emails for everyone.

    That’s eminently fair & reasonable. Thanks for taking my suggestions seriously.

    I too was thinking that perhaps there might be a way to allow settings by which YOUR preferences could be configured should you not want html notices; and mine could be configured should I want all subscribers to receive html notices. That might be the best of all possible worlds.

    Do you have any ideas on why I, a registered user, might not be receiving notices in html format? I just noticed that my registration for some reason lists me as Uncategorized. Since that category is listed as excluded in my configuration would that deny me html format? Just guessing here.

    Yes, I can see why some & perhaps even many folks would prefer not to receive html notices since there is some risk of virus infection. But I guess I just like the nice graphic look of html notices like the ones that Feedblitz sends out. That’s the type of look I’d like to be able to replicate if I could.

    Thanks again. You’ve really improved Subscribe2 in the time you’ve been working on it. Keep it up.

  31. Oh & 1 other thing to add regarding html settings. IN addition to giving the owner the option of sending notices in html format to everyone; sending it only to registered users; or not sending it to anyone…perhaps you could allow the subscriber the choice of whether he/she wishes to receive the notices in plain text or html.

    That would answer yr objection to receiving any notices fr. other bloggers in html format. Just a thought.

  32. Richard,

    Do you have any ideas on why I, a registered user, might not be receiving notices in html format?

    Have you been to Users -> Subscriptions and set your options so that you are recorded as wanting HTML emails? This is done on the screen where you select categories for subscriptions. It should be nothing to do with the excluded categories.

    Your other comments about HTML and plaintext emails are valued, I will look into this area. The problem is dealing with conflicts between admin and user preferences and how these preferences are managed. If a user wants plaintext emails and the admin says HTML only who wins? How do I ensure that only valid options (out of all the possible options) are presented to users etc?

    This may take some time to sort out or prove so difficult that I don’t do anything further in this area. I think the easiest way is a hack for those who want HTML for all.

  33. Hi, I’m trying this plugin out for the first time. When the user follows the confirmation url back to my site, the theme is all messed up as a result of the url. Does anyone else have this problem? Did I miss a step in the set up?

  34. THere may be a discrepancy bet. my interface & what you’re describing. When I go to User->Subscriptions I don’t see an option for HTML. I only see an option asking whether I want to receive a daily digest. I must be missing something if that’s the case. Hope you have some idea of what it might be.

    As for yr questions about users & admin, I think user should trump admin unless it’s an issue that could negatively impact blog or site function. In other words, if possible, things should be set up for the Admin to offer the option of html to those subscribers wanting it. Those who do can accept that setting; those who don’t can accept plain text.

    But I guess you do have to give Admin the option of sending msgs. only in plain text for any who might feel strongly that they don’t want to send out html mail. This would give subsribers no option to receive html mail. But that’s not so bad.

    But as you say it is a delicate balancing act. I can tell fr. the issues you raise that writing this into code isn’t going to be easy. But you’re doing a good thing in maintaining this plugin, so give it yr best shot.

  35. I just discovered another issue that may be related to the html problem I described above. When I clicked on the Subscribe To link in my sidebar I viewed the page I’d created. But the subscribe form was missing. I looked at the page via my internal interface & the token was there. But somehow it’s not displaying on the actual pg.

    Also, despite the fact that I’ve chosen the setting which displays the Subscribe2 button in my Quickbar, it’s not displaying there either.

    More little mysteries…

  36. Sorry to be so verbose but…I’ve also noticed that I haven’t received any daily digest notice today (usually it goes out around 12 midnight or so I think). So I think the plugin isn’t working properly. I must’ve installed something wrong though I can’t figure out what.

    When I had the setting set yesterday for individual notifications, I sent a test post & the plugin did send me a notice almost immediately. But now that I’ve set it for daily digest, nothing.

  37. After doing some further research I see that unlike Skippy’s installation, yours seem to require using the Widget plugin. Am I wrong in understanding that? I don’t have the widget plugin installed. Is that why things aren’t working for me? Your installation instructions for the Subscribe2 plugin don’t mention the Widget plugin so I didn’t realize until just now that they seem to be connected pretty closely together.

    I should correct that to say I just tried to install the Widget plugin & after activating it I didn’t see on my Theme/Presentation pg. what I was supposed to see. That leads me to believe that either I’ve installed it wrong or my theme (Almost Spring) may not be compatible.

    In the past, I used Skippy’s plugin, created a Subscriber pg. & displayed the token on that pg. allowing people to subscribe. While using Widget may be simple to those using it, Skippy’s old method seemed pretty simple to me & I’m confused by what I’d need to do to get this running w Widget.

    I tried using the code you’d written allowing people to activate the token w/o the Widget plugin, but I couldn’t figure out where/how to install the code in the sidebar file so that this worked. My subscription pg. is called fr. my php wp_list_pages code in the sidebar file. I just can’t figure out where to put yr code there so that it works.

    I hope this whole process isn’t getting beyond me & my abilities to implement the plugin.

  38. Richard,

    The activation of daily digest will change the user profile settings a user will see – my mistake. I’ll check into the code and see if daily digests get sent a plaintext or html.

    The digests are sent provided there is some activity on the blog as it links into WP-Cron. If this cron plugin is not present or no one visits the website the email will fail or be delivered later.

    The plugin and wigdet are connected in that the Widget doesn’t work wthout the plugin. The widget only puts the subscribe2 form in the sidebar – something that Skippy did not support. For the widget to work you need a widget enabled theme and the main widget plugin working.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed anything but your posts are pretty long and I’ve been ill all day today 😦

  39. Sorry you’re not feeling well & sorry about my verbosity. When I get into a technical issue & things aren’t working right I get like a dog with a bone sometimes.

    As I wrote earlier, I’ve had Skippy’s version of Subscribe2 working for some time. It’s been sending out daily digests using the WP-Chron plugin. And I don’t think it’s ever missed a day after I got the bugs worked out on first installing it. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

    Not sure what you meant by “if…no one visited the website the email will fail…” I always thought that the e mail was sent as long as there was a new post written since the last e mail notice was sent out. I didn’t know it was dependent on a visit & I’m not sure what that means precisely.

    Regarding sidebar display of the subscriber form, I have the subscription form contained within a page which I’ve created. There’s a link to that pg. in my sidebar. I don’t know whether Skippy suggested this method or someone in the WP forum. But it seemed to work fine until the token stopped displaying. So unless I’m mistaken I shouldn’t need Widget to put the form into the sidebar. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    And would you have any ideas why the token would’ve stopped displaying both in the sidebar subscription pg. & in the Quickbar? There’s got to be some disconnect bet. the files as installed & my blog configuration.

  40. Sorry you’re not feeling well & sorry about my verbosity.

    Thanks and don’t worry about verbosity – it often helps sort problems out quicker and it much better than “It’s not wrking”

    WP-Cron execution relies upon the site having been visited – that is what I meant about delayed email sending. If you use Skippy’s WB-DB-Backup you’ll see that the email is sent at slightly different time each night – that’s down to WP-Cron.

    If you have a html link to your Subscribe page in your sidebar then you don’t need the Widget. If the form is not displaying try making sure that you have a balnk line on each side of the token in the Subscription Page. It sounds like this is at the root of all your problems.

  41. N Mallory,

    I see what you mean about your theme getting scambled! Have you chaged the S2PAGE variable in the top part of the code to the page ID of your subscription page?

  42. If the form is not displaying try making sure that you have a balnk line on each side of the token in the Subscription Page. It sounds like this is at the root of all your problems.

    I read through the comments here & already noted that advice you gave to someone else. After reading yr suggestion, I tried doing that in my page and it didn’t work. By “blank line on each side of the token” do you mean having a empty line both above & below the token? If so, yes I’ve already done that.

    Besides, I also have the non displaying Quickbar tag as well. That tells me that the problem may lie elsewhere (though where I cannot tell).

    Since the non-displaying subscription form may have predated installation of S2 2.7 it’s possible that the issue is not caused by anything directly related to yr files or coding. All I know is that when I first installed Skippy’s S2 version (maybe 6-8 months ago, I can’t be sure) the subscription form displayed. Then sometime after that it stopped doing so. Perhaps something happened during a WP upgrade. Sorry to be so vague.

  43. Eureka! I just got one big issue licked now. Though I was sure I’d checked out the Subscription pg. while being logged out, most of the time since I’ve checked the page while logged in. FOr some reason, the subscription form does not display if you are logged in. But does display if you’re not. So yes, now I see that subscription form. Hooray, & thanks for bearing with me.

    The only other issue I need to work on now is figuring out (& I initially had a problem w. this with Skippy’s v 2.2.2 as well) how to configure for daily digest. Could you walk me through that? Here’s what I’ve tried to do & failed so far…

    In Subscribe.php at line 16 I see this:

    // change this to TRUE if you want a daily digest of the day’s posts
    // send to your subscribers
    define(‘S2DIGEST’, false);

    I changed the “false” in line 47 to “true.” Is there any other place where I should be changing code to get digest to work?

  44. Richard,

    If you are logged in then the form won’t display but you should have a line something like:

    “You may manage your subscription options from your profile.”

    To enable Digest posts you only need to change “false” to “true” as you have done.

  45. OK, I’ll try it once again. It didn’t work when I set it the first time. Maybe trying it again will jog WP-Chron’s memory & get it going.

    Should I add that sentence you mentioned to the subsription pg. I created? Is there a generic URL link for a user’s profile I can add to this sentence or is ea. URL diff. for ea. user?

  46. Richard,

    You don’t need to add the sentence as it’ part of the plugin. The output the plugin displays is dynamic:

    If you are logged in you get a link to the page where you manage your profile
    If you are subscribed you are told so in a error message
    If you are a new visitor (not logged in) you get the form
    If you enter an invalid email in the form you get an error message
    And so on.

    When you created your subscription page you did use a WordPress page and not a handwritten one, yes? Perhaps if you could post your site address I may be able to clear up some of your issues.

  47. New little problem. This may not be caused by Subscribe2. I am having some problem with false positives generated by Bad Behavior. Anyway, just received this e mail msg. fr. a subscriber who tried to click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in my blog:

    I marked the “Unsubcribe” button in your blog. When I tried to unsubscribe, I got a message to send you this technical support key b/c my protocol is on black list, whatever that means.
    Thank you,

    And here’s the data she received in that msg:

    technical support key is: 4801-6942-1366-73cd

    I thought perhaps since it was generated while using the subscription process that it might be related to yr plugin. But I guess somehow it might be BB’s fault. Just don’t know & thought I’d ask.

  48. Hi Matt,

    Just want to say this is a great plugin and cheers for taking on the development.

    I’ve been good and worked out a few problems on my own, it’s all up and running but the automated emails to admin have code in them that said something about upgrading my email client to accept MIME. The subscriber emails are fine so I just need to now look into that and I’ll be happy (and that may be related to why I can see any images). Thought I’d share what helped me when I couldn’t get automatic notification to work:

    Contacted my host (not any listed here) and initially they said I didn’t have to use the SMTP plugin but when I went back to ask why it’s still not working someone else suggested to use the SMTP plugin and helped me put in the correct settings. Where I went wrong was mixing up the server addresses from having email redirect from my server to my home service provider. You need to list the server that is SENDING the automatic email and the password to your server hosting account, not your home ISP server address and password. I know it might be obvious to some, but for newbies like me, not so 😀 I’m using the latest versions of wordpress and subscribe2 and made that /n change listed above to the subscribe php file. I’m using a few plugins and widgets: CG-Redirect, Event Calendar & Widget, flickrRSS & Photo Gallery, PrestoGifto, Viper’s Video Quicktags, Sidebar Widgets, WordPress Database Backup, Worldtime Widget, Executable PHP Widget and lastly, Feedburner Widget. But alas, I don’t know what server I’m using (!) sorry, but if you contact your host they should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Hope that helps anyone 🙂

  49. Richard,

    Your site displays the Subscribe2 form for me. It also responded correctly when I subscribed, unsubscribed and input an invalid email address.

    The Error code you got is certainly nothing to do with Subscribe2 – I think you are correct that it is probably BadBehaviour.

  50. Tanya,

    Glad you are enjoying the plugin – some fantastic tips there for getting emails sent – Thank you very much for taking the time to share your findings so that others may benefit.

  51. You were right. It was Bad Behavior that caused this. Don’t know why BB gets involved in a process of a subscriber trying to unsubscribe, but I guess it does somehow.

    Mostly good progress to report tonight. For the first time, Subscribe2 did send out a daily digest. So now I know that this feature is working. Hooray!

    A few continuing issues: it sent out 2 duplicate mailings of the notice to me. I’m not too upset about this since that’s what Skippy’s version used to do also. It didn’t make this mistake every time. I’d say 1 out of 5 or 10 times it would duplicate notices. But some nights it would send out up to 5 duplicates which gets to be a bit much.

    I know you mentioned above that the plugin is set to favor sending out more notices than necessary to ensure there isn’t a possibility of sending out no notice. So possibly it’s erring on the side of duplication.

    But I would like to see if there was a way to decrease these errors so that my subscribers don’t get annoyed w. me burdening their Inbox w. more mail than they want.

    Second, the daily digest msgs. truncate the notification msg. Here is what the template says:

    BLOGNAME has posted a new item, ‘TITLE’

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.

    If you wish to unsubscribe, please click on this link:
    where you should highlight the unsubscribe button.

    I apologize if you ever receive more than one copy of this notice. An alternative that guarantees a single daily e-mail notice is Feedblitz: . After registering at the site and logging in, you may add a subscription to this blog by entering my blog url: and following the directions to subscribe.

    Best regards,

    The actual notice I received left off the MYNAME & EMAIL lines. Is there possibly a character limit in the template causing it to omit the last 2 lines of text? BTW, when the plugin was set to individual notices it did NOT truncate the text. Not sure whether there’s any connection bet. these 2 things happening.

    Finally, if you ever get to the bottom of the html formatting issue I’d like to hear about it. Still no html formatting for my notifications.

  52. You were right. It was Bad Behavior that caused this. Don’t know why BB gets involved in a process of a subscriber trying to unsubscribe, but I guess it does somehow.

    It is possibly using the same API hook in WordPress.

    I know you mentioned above that the plugin is set to favor sending out more notices than necessary to ensure there isn’t a possibility of sending out no notice. So possibly it’s erring on the side of duplication.

    No, not the plugin but email. The enite email system on the internet is configured so that email is delivered rather than not. It’s a cautious safety net that sometimes results in duplicate emails – there is nothing in the plugin set to deliver duplicates.

    The actual notice I received left off the MYNAME & EMAIL lines.

    Nothing to do with character limits – an oversight in the code that deals with constructing the digest posts – should be fixed in the next release (or see the SVN site if you want to try the beta.)

    Finally, if you ever get to the bottom of the html formatting issue I’d like to hear about it.

    I’ve done some looking. The next release will fix a bug in the auto-subscription for new registrations. This allows admins to auto-subscribe new users to email notifications in any of the three possible email formats.

    HTML emails cannot be truncated and must be sent out in full – this is because there is no way to code in PHP (that I know of anyway) to ensure that closing HTML tags are not snipped leaving the opening tag behind.

    So, HTML email for public subscribers won’t be implemented by me in this version of the plugin. My reason is that I still want users to have an incentive to register. By offering full post HTML emails to public subscribers there is very little incentive left.

    I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone but the code is open source and freely available for anyone to chop and change so if you really want it, get coding! That’s how I started 🙂

  53. Hey all… I just had a problem that took me a little while to figure out, and I thought I’d post the solution for others who have the same issue. In the mails I was sending to my subscribers, every time I included an apostrophe or quotes they would be preceded by slashes. So, for example, “What’s up?” became \”What\’s up?\” I know very little about PHP, so I had to turn to a friend to check it out for me. His solution was to replace every instance of $subject and $mailtext with stripslashes($mailtext) and stripslashes($subject) in the call to wp_mail. So, for instance, the line:

    @wp_mail($this->myemail, $subject, $mailtext, $newheaders);

    would become

    @wp_mail($this->myemail, stripslashes($subject), stripslashes($mailtext), $newheaders);

    Hopefully this helps some people…

  54. JD,

    This was reported to me a few weeks ago and I thought I’d fixed it in version 2.2.7 (if not before).

    Your fix is quite valid but it is perhaps overkill to replace EVERY instance with a stripslashes command as you may be executing that command several times on the same string!

    If anyone using 2.2.7 is still getting this issue please can you report it and I’ll get it fixed for the next version. In the meantime trhe above fix will work very well.

  55. Re: the slashes in 2.2.7, I just downloaded and installed tonight and it is still including the slashes.

    For anyone having problems with the emails not being sent, I discovered that the correction to line 517 noted by Hans resolved the issue for me. Once I made that change, the subscribe/unsubscribe emails were being delivered.

    One question on the plugin, is it possible to customize the confirmation message to mention the specific action (whether the user requested to subscribe or unsubscribe)? I would like to add this but it is not a variable currently available from what I see.

    Thanks for keeping up the great plugin and the widget is great.

  56. My New Choice,

    Thanks for the information abot the slashes – I’ll do some more checking! And thanks for suggesting the fix to the emails 🙂

    I will check to see if there is a way to send different emails – I just want to avoid creating a fourth template!

  57. there is nothing in the plugin set to deliver duplicates.

    You know the code better than I, but I have to tell you I had a disaster today. My subscribers received 373 duplicate versions of my daily digest. If this continues I won’t have any subscribers left.

    If the plugin didn’t somehow generate the duplicates then what did? Or is it possible the plugin is conflicting with another plugin? I just don’t know. I don’t know or understand the guts of the plugin as you do so I can’t say.

    As as for tweaking yr code to allow html for public subsribers…I’d love to do it if I could. But I’m not a programmer. I’d sure love it if someone else would do a hack to enable this & wish I could do it myself. But alas there are only so many things one can do in life. I’m grateful for those of you who create & maintain these plugins & sorry I’m not one of you.

  58. every time I included an apostrophe or quotes they would be preceded by slashes.

    I never used the e mail-to-subscribers feature till tonight & it behaved the same way for me as well.

    I also wanted you to know that sometimes when I hit the Submit Comment button here instead of seeing the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” msg. along w. my comment, your server takes me to the top of the pg. & my comment is nowhere to be found. If I click “Submit Comment” a 2nd time the comment does display.

  59. Richard,

    The Subscribe2 plugin makes uses the WordPress system as do other plugins – I think it is quite possible that there is a conflict between 2 plugins that is generating 373 emails!

    I’ve had another look at the slashes issue and updated the code for the next release. I’ll update the SVN later.

    Also, this site is run by – I have very little control over the code as it is a fully hosted solution provided by Automattic.

  60. When I enable the daily digest feature does everyone get the daily digest. I thought users could select between daily digest or full post. I hope you can clear this up for me. Thanks in advance.

  61. John,

    Either all subscribers get a digest email or users get emails when posts are published. There is no way for users to choose between digest or per-post email varities.

  62. I also wanted you to know that sometimes when I hit the Submit Comment button here instead of seeing the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” msg. along w. my comment, your server takes me to the top of the pg. & my comment is nowhere to be found.

    Since similar behavior happened to me on another site, I”m guessing that this may have something to do w. my recent upgrade to Firefox 2.0. So false alarm…it prob. has nothing to do w. yr site.

  63. Matt,

    I love this plugin and had success with an old version but am stuck with the new one. I could, I suspect get it to work by following the instructions, but I don’t want to create a wordpress page for the Subscribe2 form. The reason is my blog is ‘linear’ and uses the post IDs as a tidy way of permalink eg or

    Is there a way I could make a page, eg subscribe.php, that would tie in to your plugin bringing up all your forms and stuff? I reckon to use ( !–subscribe– ) would only work in the wordpress framework thing (replace brackets with angled brackets ).


  64. Rob,

    I’m sure there is a way but you’d have to call the central functions of WordPress in the page (the_loop perhaps and the_content).

    I have never looked at getting the plugin working this way since taking it over from Skippy but it should be possible for someone who knows their way around WordPress and PHP.

    Maybe post a question over at the WordPress forums.

  65. Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried in the past to do WordPress stuff outside of its ‘range’ before and just ended up querrying the databases directly.

    I don’t think my skills are up this one though. I will try posting a question on the forums though.

    Thanks again.

  66. Thanks for taking this over. I abandoned it earlier because it stopped sending emails out. I recently installed it and it appears to be working. I do not get any links in HTML emails and I can not figure out why.

    Also, I am no php wiz by any stretch but is it possible to use php the_excerpt to send this with HTML notices? I looked but did not see if that was already used but that would solve the problem of sending full text with HTML (providing it does not cause the problem you earlier described).

    I am still in the testing phase but like this a great deal. BTW, what version is this? Is it 2.2.7 or 2.7 (that is a big difference).

  67. Big Dog,

    Seems strange you are not getting links in emails – ensure LINK is in the templates and in capitals and also rebuild your permalinks if you are using a different structure.

    Using the_excerpt would help but quite often WP bloggers don’t use this functionality or the <!–more–< token so the excerpt production must be done using PHP code. This could break HTML code markup.

    2.2.7 is just Subscribe2 Version 2.7 – but I’m stuck in the habit of typing the whole lot everytime and changing now may cause more confusion!

  68. Thanks.
    I thought one of the excerpt functions automatically took the first 50 or so words so you do not have to worry about people using the function specifically.

  69. Sorry,
    I was reading this:
    Displays the excerpt of the current post. If a post does not contain an explicit excerpt, the first 120 words of the post’s content are returned. In this latter case, HTML tags and graphics are stripped from the excerpt’s content. This tag must be within The_Loop

    from here:

    But since it strips out HTML, would not be worth it.

  70. Hello Admin. Thanks for a wonderful plugin.

    I’ve read through all of the comments above, but can’t find a solution to my problem.

    My WordPress 2.0.5 site is behaving quite well with your plugin. My only problem i’m having is that when I click the URL that is generated in the Confirmation Email it takes me to the wordpress root.

    But here’s where I know what the problem is. I setup my configuration so that my WordPress files are in the wordpress directory, but the index.php file is outside of that directory in my root.

    So when i click the confirmation url it takes me to root/wordpress/?s2=… but i need it to go to root/?s2=… I know this works because if i remove the /wordpress/ from the original url it will confirm my email address.

    How can i adjust this setting? THank you!

  71. Robert,

    You may need to hand amend the code for this. The URL for subscription confirmation is built in the send_confirm function and pulls in the settings of the blog defined in the options panel.

    Look for a line as follows:

    $link = get_settings(‘siteurl’) . “?s2=”;

    and change it to:

    $link = “”;

  72. Thank you almighty Admin! I knew it was in that Line 492 but didn’t know the correct syntax. Thanks again. Keep up the great work! It is working now.

  73. I’ve run into a weird thing that I was hoping you might be able to help me with. It deals with using Subscribe2 in a sidebar, so I even if you don’t want to deal with those kind of questions, maybe you could just point me in the right direction.

    For some reason, the combination of Subscribe2 and PodPress is doing something strange. In the sidebar on my web site at Simply Digital is causing PodPress to insert the player in the Subscribe2 content. If you browse to the site you’ll see what I mean.

    I’m using the MORE tag, so I’m guessing that this has something to do with it, but I’m not sure. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

  74. Simply Digital,

    Both Subscribe2 and PodPress are using the_content as a hook into the WordPress functions and I think this is the cause of the problem.

    Before contacting the PodPress author can I check that you have written a WordPress page for Subscribe2 and defined the page number under S2PAGE near the top of the code? I can’t seem to find your subscription page – and this may also cause problems.

  75. Great plugin, and as our site is hosted through Yahoo! (hey, its cheap..), I haven’t noticed any problems. I am regularly getting notices that people are subscribing, and as I write new posts I am also receiving the appropriate notices. (I put my wife in as a subscriber too, so that I know it’s not just me getting the e-mail…) So be pleased to know I’m not having any functionality issues.

    I was wondering if you have a list made up of future improvements planned for the plugin?

    Here’s an idea I have for one, but I really don’t have the programming skills to figure this out. (It would probably take me years to figure it out…)

    We don’t allow “registered” users on our site, (not yet, anyway) because we don’t allow (or want) comments posted about our news and projects. (Our site cannot be considered “neutral ground” for such things.)

    Anyway, so all of our subscribers are signing up as “Public Subscribers” to simply receive the e-mail updates when new posts are available.

    One thing I know would help me is having just a little bit more information about the users who have subscribed for notifications, specifically their first and last name. We are in a specialized industry, and I think it’d be nice to know who is keeping up-to-date on our news. Maybe these are people who will need our services in the future. Maybe it’s one of our competitors.

    In addition to this, we want to add this information to our campaign list for mass advertising. It’s always nice when you can personalize an e-mail with an introduction like, “Happy Holidays, Jack Frost!” instead of “Happy Holidays,!”

    You could enter your own e-mail addresses in the admin panel in the format of “Joe Schmoe ” (Maybe this could allow for a direct “copy-paste” from the header of an e-mail…) They could also be displayed that way in the management list, but if that takes up too much space, just use the first and last name since each user link is a “mailto:…” anyway.

    That also throws in two more fields that can be used in the generated e-mails.. FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME.

  76. Mike,

    Adding Firstname and Lastname to the public subscribers database would in fact be reasonably easy to execute but users would be required to fill in extra information when subscribing.

    As such both fields would need to allow the plugin to function if left blank which would make FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME tokens a problem as they may in fact be empty tokens.

    I’m happy to consider this for a future release depending on demand – is this something that all you Subscribe2 users want?

  77. Administrator,

    I created the subscription page, which can be found at I thought if I had the sidebar, that was all I needed. No problem though, I created the page and added some other stuff to it too. However, the problem is still present on the home page.

    I’m a little unclear about “defined the page number under S2PAGE near the top of the code”. I didn’t see any reference to that in the readme, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do there.

  78. Simply Digital,

    Check out the Installation instructions here.

    Basically, WordPress gives all pages and posts a unique ID number. You need to tell Subscribe2 plugin which page contains the subscription information.

    The Widget requires a fully functional version of the Plugin to work correctly.

  79. Administrator,

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the unique ID number. I’ve made that change, but I’m running into the same issues.

    Just to be clear…

    1. The plugin works just fine.
    2. The only glitch is in the sidebar.
    3. I’m using the standalone code, but I installed the widget and ran into the same issue.
    4. The glitch is that Subscribe2 is including PodPress code.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  80. Simply Digital,

    I hoped that my suggestion would prove a fix but to be honest it was always a long shot! I’ve emailed the author of PodPress to see if we can fix this together as I honestly believe that the issue is in the PodPress plugin.

    The widget fools the internal WordPress function into replacing a simple string with the Subscribe2 output. I think PodPress is also using the same process but is adding the code whenever the WordPress function is called without checking if there is a PodCast to go with the post.

  81. I have rebuilt the permalinks, but still the notification mail sends me always to the main category regardless which category the post was assigned to. I’ve upgraded to 2.2.8 but it didn’t help.

    I’ve installed WordPress in ther root directory and safe_mode=ON. php-version 5.20

  82. Lorenz,

    Are you running another plugin to deal with the different languages or are you sorting that bit yourself?

    Also, could you try using the default permalink structure and see if that works?

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