Possible Missing Mail Solution

The Subscribe2 plugin uses an internal mail function to deliver emails to subscribers of a blog. It is therefore no great surprise that many issues raised by users involve missing emails.

Some of these emails do actually arrive but are blocked on client machines by spam filters.

Some of these emails are not sent, and rightly so, because the expected recipient has not actually subscribed (or subscribe correctly).

But, if both of these are not the case it may be down to the server configuration. Since WordPress is written so the Email function can be over ridden by a plugin there is now an excellent plugin called SMTP Plugin that may solve “No Email Received” problems by pushing emails through SMTP rather than a server email function that may be turned off or poorly configured.

If you are having problems with this email delivery plugin it is well worth a try! Note: You’ll have to edit the subscribe2.php file and replace instances of @mail with @wp_mail for this to work.


105 thoughts on “Possible Missing Mail Solution

  1. Thank you so much for this plugin. I have it working pretty much perfectly now. It took me a long time to find a good mailing list plugin: this one truly is the best. Also, I have the non-widget sidebar working ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yay! You made my day.

  2. Hola,
    help me please, since i’ve put the new update i have not send the email to the suscribers telling that ‘a new post…’ Why????
    please, help me…

  3. thanks is the Subscribe2 2.2.6
    and i was working perfectly with the previous without any problem….
    please any idea??? and the version of Wordperfect… the last.

    many many thanks

  4. Churro,
    I changed the mail header construction to be compliant with RFC 2822. It looks like your server is poorly configured.

    You’ll have to apply a local fix, look for two lines in the code as follows:

    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “,\r\n $recipient”;

    Remove the \r\n and you should be running again.

  5. Churro,
    I really have no idea why it isn’t working for you. To even start to figure it out you are going to have to help me out by doing some testing and limit things down for my yourself.

    Have you tried reverting to the old version that worked for you? This will provide a temporay solution until we can understand why the new version is not working for you.

  6. Thanks administrator but i put the send in HTML isntead in ‘plain text’ and now it seems work perfectly.. ?ยฟ?ยฟ?ยฟยฟยฟยฟยฟ?????
    many thanks

  7. Subscribe2 2.2.1
    WP 2.0.3

    I have added myself as a subscriber via the sidebar form, added the same email as a WP user account, checked to see that I am confirmed under subscriptions, and changed my subscription setting to Full Post/HTML. I still get a plain text/excerpt! I have done this multiple times with the same result. I got frustrated enough to edit the PHP.

    I went in and tweaked the PHP so that no matter what the setting is it will run these 3 lines:

    $body = str_replace(“\r\n”, “\r\n”, $mailtext);
    $body = str_replace(‘POST’, $content, $body);
    $this->mail($this->get_registered(“cats=$post_cats_string&format=html”), $subject, $body, ‘html’);

    This will work for now, but do you have any suggestions to why it is always plain text/excerpt, no matter what the subscription setting are with registered and un-registered subscribers?


  8. Folow up to previous post. >>

    OK, I figured out that all my users are confirmed, but not registered. I (admin) added users to WP myself with the same exact email address as in Subscribe2, but the user doesn’t become registered in Subscribe2.


  9. Stephen,

    Confirmed Public subscriber only get plain text excerpt emails – this is not something I am ever likely to change.

    To get HTML mail or full plain text emails users need to register and complete their subscription. Registered users can manage their subscriptions under Users -> Subscriptions once they are logged in.

  10. I’m wondering then how a user becomes registered user (with Subscribe2, since I have registered users with WP).

    I have created fake users (at subscriber level) in WordPress and logged in as them and selected that I (the fake user) want the full post and want HTML. Isn’t this what you asking me (or real subscribers) to do? Aren’t I (the fake user) a registered WP user if I can login to WordPress and change my subscription settings?

    That was my frustration. It is that I have wordpress login accounts that direct me to the Subscribe2 subscription settings page, but none of my users are in the “registered” column within the Manage Subscriptions page. Is something else I need to do to be registered other than be able to sign into WordPress? Thanks.

  11. I, the admin account, is not even a registered user. How do I, the admin, even become a registered user?

  12. Stephen,

    Once you’ve logged in as a user of the Blog go to Users -> Subscriptions to manage your subscriptions.

    As admin you can also bulk manage Subscriber User Notifications in Manage -> Subscribers

  13. Hello folks,

    I wondered if anyone could help and have a look at my wrodpress for me, I have uploaded and activated Subscribe2 and I have also uploaded ShiftThis SMTP Swift Emailer as mail was not sending but I still cant get it to work :(. Just wondered if anyone had 5 minutes to space to sign in and take a look.
    cheers Jonathon

  14. Jonathon,

    I’ve tried subscribing and not email arrived but I can’t check much else as blog registration is disabled. Do emials arrive if you try to register?

  15. Emails arrive if we put a post on etc and I can send subscribers an email by going to the dashboard then going to WRITE and then MAIL SUBSCRIBERS. its just the sign up mail etc that don’t come out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . You want the password and user name to get into the dashboard and FTP as I don’t mind giving them to you if it will help. Just email me on kingdom207@aol.com and I will send them to you. Thanks and i really appericate your help so far ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Jonathon,

    That helps narrow things down dramatically, I’ll do some looking and report back but in the meantime can you also follow this up with your service provider as they may be blocking the subscription emails as spam.

  17. I’m on AOL which block port 25 although mail does send on that port, also my hosting has opened port 587 as then I can send normal domain mail, but if I use that on subscribe2 it does not make any difference.
    My hosting for domains I have a resellers account with tmhosting.net

  18. Hi…I’m having the same problem Jonathan reports: emails sent from wordpress administration panels work fine, along with emails recording a new post. However, no emails get sent if someone tries to subscribe. Btw, I know I have a link to my subscription page on the sidebar, and I’m not using widgets, and that is something you can’t support. But my question isn’t specifically sidebar related, as in my sidebar I’m just linking to the page in which I have my subscribe form. I suspect I’d get the same result if I created a page and added a menu tab to access the page. If that’s not the case, let me know. Not trying to get non-widget sidebar support, just clarifying my situation. The plug-in and support here are top-notch. Thanks in advance.

  19. Let me ask another question: I added this plugin after my site has a # of registered users. From the Manage->Subscribers, there is 1 subscriber that is listed for all of my post categories, so presumably this user registered after the plug-in was activated. But if I look at this user under Users->Authors & users & edit his subscription, none of the post categories are checked off. Shouldn’t the categories for which he appears in the Manage->Subscribers pull down match that user’s selected categories? Also, he appears in the Left list of Registered subscribers, not in the center list of Confirmed subscribers. If he modified his user profile, wouldn’t that have moved him to a confirmed subscriber?

  20. Jonathon / Bill,

    The confirmation emails are sent using a different function than the function that deals with new posts and bulk mails to subscribers. I’m trying to figure out if there is something different in the code but I can’t see anything obvious. It may be down to port blocking but it seems strange as both functions eventually use the same mailing function built into WordPress. Can you confirm that both of your admin emails get copies of emails sent when new posts are made and all subscribers are mailed?

    In response to your second query – you can’t manage other users subscription setting individually as admin (unless you tinker directly with the database). You can make bulk changes under Manage->Subscribers.

    Registered users are on the left, public (confirmed) are centered and public (unconfirmed) on the right.

  21. Yes, admin receives an email when a new post is made, as well as my personal user a/c. I can also use the Write->Mail subscribers to send mails to the Unconfirmed users. Of course, when I test my Subscribe link, the email address attempting to subscribe is added to the Unconfirmed list, only no email is ever received. I’ve tested this on 3 accounts, so I suspect the problem is on the sending side rather than receiving.

    On my second query, is there a purpose that I’m missing to presenting the Subscribed Categories for another user to me as an Admin? If I make changes, and click Update Preferences, what will happen? Can I make changes to the type of email an other user receives (HTML vs plain text) but not change the categories? If I can’t make any change, wouldn’t it be better to do away with the “Update Preferences” button, since there’s really nothing I can change for another user?

    Your last comment raises this question for me: you said “public (confirmed) are centered”. Is it accurate that all registered users are NOT subscribers? A registered user must manage his subscription first? Would a registered user who has subscribed appear in the centered list – or is that strictly for unregistered (public) confirmed users? My registered subscriber count is equal to my registered count, but I doubt that all of those registered managed to log in and subscribe since I installed the plugin.

  22. Here’s some further info on my missing mail problem:

    I downloaded/installed the latest version of the SMTP plugin referenced above, and got the Connection to the MTA failed error message that several others reported. The reason given for that error is that one of the SMTP settings for the plugin is wrong, but I’ve triple checked these and doubt that’s the case. One thing that I don’t know if is an issue: my ISP does not allow SMTP traffic except on its own SMTP servers, but its server would be different than the SMTP server for my domain. I tried using my ISP’s SMTP server values, but get the same result.

    Since I get emails (without using the SMTP plugin) announcing new posts but don’t get subscription confirmation emails, is there something different in the way these are sent out? (I know you replied that there was no obvious difference, but at the moment it’s all I got….)

  23. I think the problem is in the bcc function because i also get the mails to my admin e-mail account but no in my recipient test e-mail account.

    Really is a very full and usefull plugin but i need to get it to work finally so i can use it.
    Thanks in advance for any help given.

  24. Bill,

    There is a small problem on line 517

    $mailheaders .= โ€œFrom: $admin->display_name user_email>โ€;

    should be;

    $mailheaders .= โ€œFrom: $admin->display_name user_email>\nโ€;

    This may fix the missing subscription confirmation emails, please give this fix a try. Sorry for taking so long, I’d missed this as I was looking at the 2.2.8 development code where this is already fixed. Thanks to My New Choice.

    Registered users can manage their own subcriptions but you can bulk manage them in Manage -> Subscribers

  25. The \n did the trick for me as well. Thanks for the quick response.

    The email came through as plain text, and therefore the link was not clickable. Is the confirmation email always plain-text? Is there another way to make the link clickable? The link when copied/pasted worked perfectly.

    To the second part of my query: is there a purpose that I’m missing in providing subscription information on a user profile to an admin since the settings can’t be changed – and aren’t displayed accurately? It would seem better to either a) accurately display a user’s subscription info to an admin but indicate that the settings can’t be changed or b) allow an admin to make changes for a user (I’m assuming that the WP convention allows an admin to change things for a user….)

    Thanks again for a great plugin.

  26. Bill,

    The user profile section availabe to Admin is the subscription preferences for Admin. Admin can bulk manage other users subscription preferences through Manage->Subscribers but cannot change them on an individual level. WP does allow Admin to change things for a user but currently not the Subscribe2 subscription settings.

  27. I think I finally get that now. Sorry for being dense. For some reason, I was thinking of the “Subscriptions” menu as a sub-menu of “Authors & Users”, which it clearly wasn’t.

    Any thoughts on my remaining question on the confirmation email link not being clickable? The link to the blog is clickable, but the link in the confirmation email is not, even though it suggest it is.

  28. Bill,

    Sorry, I’d missed the conformation link bit. The link is clickable in my email client (Apple Mail) but as the email is sent as plain text the appearence of a clickable link will be down to the users chosen email client.

  29. Well, I’m back again, I’ve a problem with the option for sending a message to the subscribers, when I send a message it says message sent but no one recieves any message.

    But for example when someone creates an account he recieva en email, or when I post new content all the subscribers recieves an email.

    Where I could look for solving this error ?

  30. Roger,

    Can you confirm that you are using WordPress 2.0.5 and Subscribe2 2.8?

    Also, as a point of clarity Write -> Mail Subscribers will not send any emails if the message section contains no text.

  31. Well, I’m using WordPress 2.0.2 and your subscriber 2.2.6.
    Finally the email arrives, late but arrives.


    But I’ve found a bug, when I write a post and I save it with a timestamp for an automatic publish of the content at a concret future time, subscriber 2.2.6 don’t send any email.

    I think that the problem is here :

    From line 320 :

    if ($this->private) {
    // this post was published from draft status
    // OR is an edit of an existing post
    // so send no notification
    return $id;

    Because when I save a content with a timestamp, the content is saved as a draft and maybe when this content goes to published, this code thinks that the contet has been edited and don’t send any email.

  32. Sorry for writting another time, I’ve found this too : (From Line 451)

    Sends a notification when a draft post is published
    function private2publish($ID = 0) {
    if (0 == $ID) { return $ID; }

    $this->private = TRUE;
    return $ID;
    } // end private2publish()

    Do You know if this works ?

  33. Roger,

    There were some problems in the construction of the mail headers in 2.2.6 and 2.2.7. I’d strongly recommend you upgrade to 2.2.8 and this issue should resolve.

    The comments around the code you highlight are not accurate anymore either so sorry if they misled you.

    Additionally, I’d suggest you get WordPress 2.0.5 as there are many security fixes and admin enhancements.

  34. Well, I’ve tested version 2.2.8 in WordPress 2.0.2 (new installation) and it happens the same.

    Thanks for your suggestions, but I can’t upgrade to WP 2.0.5.

  35. Roger,

    Shame you can’t upgrade to 2.0.5 but that doesn’t explain your problem.

    Have you got WP-Cron plugin installed and activated – this is a requirement for future posts.

  36. Mmm, I installed this plugin, but nothing happnes I’m going mad jajajaja

    I’ve installed the wp-cron plugin only.


  37. Roger,
    If you have previously future posted an article that is no visible nothing will happen as the notification time has passed and the WP-Cron plugin was not there to deal with the regular checking.

    Next time you future post it should work, but there may be a delay as WP-Cron relies on the site being visited to initialise the execution of Cron events.

  38. I don’t unrestand this : “Next time you future post it should work, but there may be a delay as WP-Cron relies on the site being visited to initialise the execution of Cron events.”

    You mean that if I now post a post with status draft and witha timestamp it will be published and witha little delay wp-cron will send the email ?

  39. O yes it’s working, I’ve done some tests and now it’s working, the problem after installing the wp-cron is that I put a timestamp and my clock differs from my server clock for that reason nothing works, but now I’ve tested with the right time and it works

    Going to donate …

  40. hello.

    first of all thank you for the plugin, it’s great. however, people using yahoo seem not to receive the confirmation emails. i’ve tested it on 3 other mail services, including gmail and there were no problems. any ideas?

    thank you!

  41. Tudor,

    I presume by no problems on the other 3 services you mean the confirmation email arrived. If this is correct then the Yahoo users are either having the email blocked completely or it is in their Junk Mail folders.

    The fact it works for the likes of Gmail shows it’s not the plugin. Get your Yahoo subscribers to check their junk mail and if the email isn’t their they’ll have to start contacting Yahoo until their junk mail filtering is improved.

  42. I figured that was the issues, but I was thinking that it might have something to do with the email is composed that yahoo doesn’t like. I did some further tests and once I got it as Junk, once i didn’t get it at all (yet), and once it arrived in the Inbox. So yahoo is definitely having problems. Thank you for your quick reply anyhow!

  43. Tudor,

    Yahoo will be altering the email header on their servers to mark it as spam (and either pass it marked as spam or block it).

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can modify in the header of an email to stop this otherwise the spammers would very quickly exploit the chink in the armour ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  44. Help needed please

    Emails not being sent. I’ve tried everything and I manage the server but here’s what happens.

    When a user subscribes they receive a confirmation email asking them to verify – no problems.

    When a post is made no one receives notification. (except the first person in the bcc list )

    When I send a newsletter from the admin, no one receives anything. (except the first person in the bcc list)

    Is this something to do with bcc on windows? If so what is the fix.

    Confuration as below.

    Win2003 ii6 – I am the host (dedicated box)
    wp 2
    wp-phpmailer installed
    subscribe2 2.8

  45. I installed the Subscribe2 plugin and have not been successful in getting non-registered users to get emails. After reading these comments have gotten these results:

    1. Confirmation email is successful
    2. Update email to admin is successful
    3. Update email to registered subscriber is successful after setting to HTML.
    4. update email to unregistered subscriber is NOT successful (Plain Text)
    5. Registered users don’t show up on the subscriber list until they go in and look at their profile and update subscription.
    6. Admin receives notification of new registered user

    WP version 2.0.6
    Subscribe2 version 2.2.12

  46. Victoria,

    5 is expected behaviour unless you Bulk Manage existing registered users in Manage->Subscribers so that they are all subscribed to your categories.

    Do Registered users get plaintext emails? There is no reason why they should not get them from the plugin. Can you check with your host that they do not have email restraints in place for out going server emails.

  47. Thanks for responding – no, Registered users do not receive plaintext emails. I had a couple of test people set up and a couple of “real” registered and just subsribers that were helping me out. It wasn’t until we set the type to HTML that they started receiving notices. Subscribers just get plaintext so they are still not receiving. I don’t think the issue is with the host; I have several other web sites and they have not reported any problems with email. I checked their policy and the only restraints are with size of the mailing list. My list is very small – under 30.

  48. Victoria,

    If your host isn’t blocking the mail (size of mailing list may mean they block emails with more than a certain number or recipients) then you may want to play around with the BCC: header settings.

    Currently these are on lines 310 and 340 and look like:

    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “,\r\n $recipient”;

    Firstly try using Cc: rather than Bcc: in the quotes. This will used the Cc: email header rather than Bcc:. You could also look at the “/r/n” as, despite this being the IETF standard for the header some users have found changing or removing this part of the code fixes their problems.

  49. Hi,

    lots of thanks for your powerful plugin. Could you please tell if it needs an email server to send notifications away and which one is used in this case. The plugin has recently stopped working. I think it happened due to a restrictive configuration of a new server. But first I need to figure out if an email server comes in play at all. Many thanks in advance

  50. S.O.S! I’ve been figuring it out since a week already. No further progress. I installed Subscr. 2.3.3 at WP 2.1.3.

    I registered a first user as “Author” with all categories checked. Then I tested the email distribution. It worked. I created then a second user as “Subscriber” and tested the email distribution again. Result: whereas “Authors” email address received a notification, “Subscriber” address DID NOT get anything. I put “Subscriber” into “Author” to find out if the “Subscriber” role could be a possible reason for that and tested again. The email box of a newly created “Author” stayed empty. All categories were kept checked throughout the all tests.
    OKay, I thought, it could be a configuration of my emailserver that restricts email send-outs. To find it out, I simply subscribed a new email address under “Manage” -“Subscribers”. This email address unexpectedly DID receive emails. No matter, whether it had been registered before and then got confirmed or it got confirmed directly without being registered first.
    But what I need is how can a large number (more than one) of registered (and not confirmed) users receive notifications?

    Many thanks, Igor

  51. Igor,

    It seems that some hosts have taken a slightly different interpretation of email BCC headers to me. Basically there is a line length limit of 998 characteres so the easiest way for me to deal with this is to put each subscriber email on a new line. Some hosts only parse the first line and loos the rest.

    A possible fix is to look in the code for:

    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “,\r\n $recipient”;

    and replace it with:

    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “, $recipient”;

    Note you will also have to define BCC limit to some value that you expect will keep the line length to below 998 characters long

  52. Hi,
    I installed ShiftThis SMTP hoping to get the subscribe2 plugin working with wordpress. But I keep getting

    [0] => Array
    [num] => 0
    [time] => 0.09463800 1178060109
    [message] => Connection to the given MTA failed. The Connection Interface said: Connection refused


    when I try to send out a test mail. I tried 2 different smtp servers which I can both use through my local email client. Help is greatly appreciated. Will provide more info through pm.

    Best regards,
    Max Hoffmann.

  53. Max,

    The SMTP Mailer plugin is not supported here, I merely provide details about it as a possible solution to missing emails. You’ll have to ask the plugins author on his site (which looks to be working again).

  54. Hi,
    I think I found a solution to the shifttis / BlueHost issue after playing with it for a while. The problem seems to be that the Bluehost server seems to claim to support some login function which he really doesn’t but only says wrong password so that the plugin will rest. To solve this go to

    /wp-content/plugins/shiftthis-smtp]# cd Swift5/Swift/Authenticator/

    and put an underscore at the end of every filename but the one you want to use. Having only LOGIN.php w/o underscore worked for me but others might as well.

    Have a NICE Sunday,
    Max Hoffmann.

  55. I have set up subscribe 2 version 3.5. I am using WP 2.5. I also installed the Swift SMTP plug-in mentioned on your sidebar.

    I can get the SMTP plug-in in to send an email. However, it will not send to the admin email I have for WordPress.

    When I mail from Subscribe 2 it says the emails are sent but nothing arrives. My host says that the sender’s email is not recognized.

    After installing the SMTP I get a message that the emails went out but not to my address. No one receives them.

    What am I doing wrong?

  56. Richard,

    I’ll bet you aren’t using WordPress 2.5!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you tried without Swift-SMTP? Also, as your host says then sender email is not recognized do you have a WordPress user record at ID 1? Is the email address for this record valid? Is it on the same domain?

  57. I just updated last wek to 2.5.

    I have an address in th euser option. Is that what you mean? if not whre do I insert it?

  58. Richard,

    WordPress 2.5 doesn’t exist! You are using 2.2 according to your site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Go to Users->Authors & Users. In the left most column look for ID = 1. Ensure that there is a valid email address input for this user and make sure it is on the same domain as your blog.

  59. Thanks. My keyboard work was a little sloppy.

    The ID 1 is my email address. It is on the same domain as the web site. But it appears to be the problem as the program comes back and tells me it is not and cannot be authenticated.

    What can I do?

  60. Hi there y’all,

    Same problem with mails not being sent. Checked the error logs and found that Subscribe2 is looking for a file in: plugins>subscribe2>tinymce>langs called en.js but that file doesn’t exist. I’ve duplicated the file en_us.js that DOES exist and renamed it en.js so I’ll let you know how it goes when we make a new post overnight. In the meantime, the developer might have a thought on this.

  61. Richard,

    What happens if you don’t use Swift SMTP Mailer? Do any mails send now – including from WordPress core when a user registers?

  62. Ian,

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into that ay my end – that won’t affect outgoing emails though.

    Check in editor_plugin.js and make sure you are using the latest version of this file from the download.

  63. Jan,

    A Log file would only be a duplicate of the server logs and would also add in another task that would slow down the plugin. Might be an option for debigging that should generally be turned off though – I’ll have a think about how that could work.

  64. Richard,

    If emails are not being sent for the WordPress core code either that points to a deeper issue than just Subscribe2.

    You need to take this up with your hosting provider, they can assess server logs and tell you why emails are being blocked and if / how you can fix it.

  65. Thanks. I wil try. they have not been very helpful to date.

    I gregistered a new user as well as posted comments and nothgin has been sent to me as the admin.

  66. I tested Susribe 2 to see if the mail would go out.

    I got this message:

    Message failed to send to rbrown@monarchhousing.org from Richard Brown

    This is a valid email as I use it all the tiem as my main email. it is also the admin email for Word Press. Is that a possibel conflict?

    Any ideas?

  67. Richard,

    I hate to start sounding like a broken record but this is something that can only be solved by your hosting provider – if they aren’t helping you out much I’d have to advise that you move!

  68. Testing the subscription process is returning the following:

    Any ideas? Can all this ’email not working’ be symptomatic of a conflict?

  69. Ian,

    You are seeing this because you have not defined S2PAGE as detailed in the final step if the installation instructions.

    I hope the ’email not working’ is not a symptom of a conflict. Simple bug hunting tells you to try Subscribe2 alone with all other plugins turned off. If it works then it may point to a conflict but I still think it’s down to host server settings in almost 100% of cases.

  70. I have been able with my web host and exchange server host to get the SMTP plug-in to work.

    However, when I attempt to do a test email with Subscribe 2 it says it sends the emails but they never get delivered. It also says that the ID1 email was unable to be delivered. Any suggestions?

  71. Richard,

    Sorry Richard, but if you have managed to get the SMTP plugin working by contacting your web and exchange host you’ll have to go back to them for Subscribe2. There is something strange in your setup that your 2 hosting providers need to work together to fix.

  72. Hi, I was reading very carefully since I get the exact same problem than Richard.
    SMTP plugin worked from the beginning, and I replaced the mail calls from subscribe2.php to wp_mail and I get this error:
    Message failed to send to xxx@gmail.com from user1
    I was trying to send reminder emails and got this error. SMTP does work and connects locally.
    I’ve also try your sendemail plugin – the one that sends an email everytime the blog get reload- but I get the exact same error…
    Since Smtp works, and I received the emails, can I suggest that it’s not a smtp service issue ?
    Emails sent from nobody accounts are prohibited on my hosting….
    Any ideas?

  73. Hello again, sorry to bump the topic altoghether. I found the cause, at least on my setup, of why I had this error messages – Richard you might try this as well.
    I went back to the original – easier to track mail send plugin you posted. I got rid of the header information for the emai and it works!
    I did same changes on subscribe2.php and I was able to send, receive emails, as well as subscribe and unsubscribe messages – SMTP installed.

    thanks again, and I hope this helps to other people with similar issues!


    Diego A

  74. Hello again dear Administrator,
    I thought I had sorted everything out, but I didn’t. I just try the new version of Subscribe, but I get this same error than with x.7 – I know that SMTP plugin is not supported, but having such a quick solution at first I decided to inquiry you for further reference:
    Users can register to the system, and they get their registry confirmation email, but once I try to write a post, I get an error at line 448 :
    $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $body);
    Where the email is being actually sent – I get an error because I’m using wp_mail instead of what I just put.
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_mail()”
    How can the registry emails work but not the actual subscription is a little beyond me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, thanks for the help!
    Diego A

  75. Diego A,

    In the latest versions of Subscribe2 I’ve stopped using wp_mail because of all the issues I was having reported and have reverted to mail() (the PHP funnction).
    You may need to reverse these changes in the code to ensure you mails are sent using SMTP_Mailer.

  76. I’m seeing a very similar problem to Diego,

    I send mails using the Swift SMTP plugin (so I change all instances of mail() to wp_mail()), since I upgraded Subscribe2 to 4.1 from 3.x, I get the following error when I publish a blog entry:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_mail() in /home/marcdbl/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 439”

    However, when I use your testmail plugin (which I’ve also modified to use wp_mail) I get no error message and the test email is sent succesfully.

    I notice that the structure of the calls to mail() in subscribe2.php has changed quite a lot since older versions. I guess this might be the root cause, do you have any ideas of a solution?

  77. Also, I tried using the ‘Send email to all subscribers’ tool, and I get an almost identical error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_mail() in /home/marcdbl/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1671

    Incidentally, line 1671 looks like this:

    $this->wp_mail($recipients, $subject, $message, ‘text’);

  78. Marc,

    I think you’ve replaced too many mail() functions – you should not be touching anything with $this-> at the start of the line.

    Look for @mail and replace it with @wp_mail.

  79. That was the problem exactly, normal service is resumed…. thanks so much, I really appreciate the support!

  80. Maybe it’s worth updating this post with the instructions to look for @mail and replace it with @wp_mail.

    (Just a suggestion)

    Thanks again!

  81. Hello,

    First of all, great plugin. I’m having an issue with multiple subscribers receiving a notice when a new post is published. This seems to happen mainly with larger hosting services. To test, I’ve created 3 email accounts and added them as a subscriber:


    Thru testing, I was able to confirm that mytest@gmail.com is the first subscriber that gets processed. The notice arrives just fine at mytest@gmail.com. The other 2 email addresses never receive the notice.

    Just wondering if there is a workaround for this issue.


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