Sidebar without a Widget

I recently posed a question to Subscribe2 users about using the plugin in a sidebar without using the Widget. Based on the comments posted it appears that there are a reasonable number of people who want sidebar functionality but not via a widget.

I asked and you answered so I will post a method for putting the plugin into the sidebar but let’s just set some ground rules so everyone is clear.

  • I will only ever support sidebar implementation via the Widget
  • Manual implementations that mess up your sites presentation or look are your problem to fix
  • Manual implementations that mess up your database are your problem to fix
  • Manual implementations that don’t work as expected, or at all, are your problem to fix

That having been said I really can’t foresee any problems with this but use this code entirely at your own risk!! If that above scares you – use the Widget!!

If you are brave enough edit your sidebar code in your theme. Where you want the Subscribe Form or feedback to appear you’ll need to enter the following php code.

echo do_shortcode("[subscribe2]");

Or maybe this it you on an older version of the plugin:

$content = apply_filters('the_content', '<p><!--subscribe2--></p>');
echo $content;

Note: You may need to wrap these lines in php tags [opening (<?php) and closing (?>)] depending on how your theme is written.

That’s it! If you have any problems – read the above as comments are disabled on this post.