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  1. Hey there – the files in the v1.3 link above download at the end of a series of subdirectories, as follows: “…\Users\Matthew\Desktop\Subscribe2Widget\” and then the files. Just a heads-up.

    Thanks for maintaining support for the widget!

  2. Schulte,

    I’m not very familiar with K2 but it appears to work with WordPress Widgets so should work with my Widget.

    I can submit some code to the K2 developers for official support but I’m not sure how I write a K2 module as a standalone.

  3. I downloaded and installed widget along with main plugin (v3.7). Using WP2.2.2 and placed widget in sidebar, saved changes and whatnot but I just have the SUBSCRIBE title in the sidebar with now test box to add email address.

    Any idea what is going on?



  4. In WordPress 2.5, you will be required to move the two functions which exist in widget_subscribe2widget_init() to outside that function.

    What you have now:

    widget_subscribe2widget_init() {

    widget_subscribe2widget() { }

    widget_subscribe2widget_control() { }



    widget_subscribe2widget() { }

    widget_subscribe2widget_control() { }

    widget_subscribe2widget_init() { }

    Your plugin will break, unless you make the change. The change is not drastic will not adversely affect your widget in any way.

    The reason for this change is that the Dashboard is being widgetized, which means your widget will be included potentially twice. When widget_subscribe2widget_init() is included the second time, it will cause both widget_subscribe2widget() and widget_subscribe2widget_control() to be compiled a second time.

    When both of those functions are attempted to be compiled the second time, PHP will encounter an error because both of the functions would have already been compiled and will produce a duplicate function definition error.

    To prevent make the suggested change.

    Thank you.

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