Subscribe2 2.6

Version 2.6 of the Plugin is now ready!

This update has addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed email headers to comply with RFC2822 standard (after breaking them in the first place)
  • Impoved XHTML compliance of user feedback messages and subscription form when presented on a blog
  • Tidied up presentation of the code a little
  • Cached some additional variables

Download Version 2.6, recommended for all users.


  • WordPress 2.0.x
  • PHP 4.2 or later
  • WP-Cron plugin for future post and digest mailing functionality

52 thoughts on “Subscribe2 2.6

  1. Thanks for fixing up the <p> tags! It works great.

    You mention future digest mailing functionality. That sounds really useful. Just a thought for the future: I don’t know what your plans are, but digest would be especially helpful if the digest option was available to public (i.e., non-registered users).

    Thanks again for the plugin.

  2. I’ve come across a weird bug — mixed content from multiple pages shows up when confirming a public subscription.

    I have the subscribe2 marker in a page (i.e., no widget). There are other pages on the site that do not contain the marker.

    1. Log out of WordPress.
    2. Subscribe to the blog.
    3. Confirm subscription via link in e-mail.

    The resulting page, for me, says:
    Subscription Confirmation

    You have successfully subscribed!

    In addition, the page has content from OTHER static pages. Even the title element comes from another page.

    If I go to those other pages directly, they load fine; if the page with the subscribe2 marker is in a different subscription state, there is no outside content.


  3. Jack,

    This normally happens if you haven’t defined the S2PAGE variable in the plugin and hve mor than one page on your blog.

    Set the S2PAGE variable to the page id of your subscription page and all should be fine.

  4. I really wish there was a number of days feature… I don’t want to send an email everytime there is a post because it becomes spam and people will unsubscribe… you need a feature that will take all the posts for the last 3 days or so and send a summary of all of them…

  5. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The S2PAGE var. was set, but I’m guessing the test on S2PAGE that you do in subscribe2.php is tied to the var’s datatype.

    The code used to be

    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘2’);

    I changed it to

    define(‘S2PAGE’, 2); // Note no apostrophes around the 2

    and it now works.

  6. Bart,

    There is an option to send a daily digest email no matter how many posts (provided there was 1 or more) have been made.

    Implementing an option to vary the “daily” part of the daily digest so that a post is sent every “n” days is possible but not very easy sin ce it relies on the WP-Cron plugin that is being developed now as part of WP2.1.

    It would also add another layer of complication to using the plugin that probably isn’t necessary. This is not something I intend to implement in future releases unless WP2.1 makes it much easier.

  7. Jack,

    I’ve encountered this same issue when php files are edited in text editors that change quote marks to “fancy” quotes.

    For PHP files the quotes must be straight single or double quotes not curly quotes.

    Removing the quotes for the S2PAGE variable will make no difference as is will become an integer without the quotes, with curly quotes it may be a string or simply not work.

  8. I’ve used this plugin for a private company’s website for a while—until they upgraded to WordPress 2. And now, this plugin is of no use to me.

    What I miss:
    • Edit the subject line
    • Send excerpt HTML
    • Always send HTML

    And even with the new version, I can’t get it to send to my registered users because I think that they have to select something themselves. I’m not about to try more things with the software because the three options above were important enough to me that, without them, I will no longer use Subscribe2.

  9. Thanks for the feedback but I can’t really help it that upgrading to WP2.0 broke things for you.

    In 2.2.6 you have the ability to subscribe all your registered subscribers to your blog categories but it’s a free world. If Subscribe2 isn’t for you I wish you luck finding another plugin that will suit you needs.

  10. No, I mean that when Subscribe2 was upgraded for 2.0, it broke. Otherwise, I’d use version 2.1.7a, which I really liked.

    So is there any way that I can force all subscribers to receive HTML excerpts only?

    And any tips on making the plugin actually work? I’ve verified that a few members are definitely subscribed, but when I post, only I get the notification.

    WordPress 2.0.2 | Subscribe2 2.2.6 | PHP 4

  11. As far as I’m aware Subscribe2 2.1.7a wouldn’t work at all with WordPress 2.0.x so I guess you are stuck with 2.2.x of the plugin.

    In answer to your questions, currently there is no function to provide HTML excerpt emails. I’ll look at providing this in the next release if I get some more requests. Personally I’m against HTML email at all (for security reasons) but I know some people like it (God knows why!).

    In terms of the emails failing to turn up – have you checked the usual things like SPAM filters, subscribed an alternative email address you can access to confirm it’s working (or not), checked if they are confirmed if they are public subscribers or subscribed to the category you posted to if they are registered.

  12. Usual things? Yes, I’ve done all of those. I’ve also tried disabling all other plugins, reinstalling the plugin and resetting it.

    Does Subscribe2 use the default sendmail module?

  13. Subscribe2 uses the php mail command – same one used by WordPress. The main difference is that subscribers are emailed as BCC field entries whereas the administrator is emailed in the TO: field.

    I know the plugin does not work with wpPHPMailer but there is some developemnt work on an SMTP plugin that may provide you with a workaround.

  14. I’m not using wpPHPMailer.

    Something weird that I did discover is that if I attempt to send an email through Subscribe2 to all of my users, it is never received. This would make me suspect a server problem, but yet whenever I post, I get the email notification, but not the other administrators.

  15. If I select to mail all registered users, yes, the administrator (me) gets the email, but the other administrator’s do not. However, if I log in as another administrator, only that person receives the email sent to everyone.

    No, I do not have access to my php.ini.

  16. OH OH OH! I think I may have it figured out. You, or someone, said that Subscribe2 sends to everyone except the author through BCC. I wonder if my server is configured to prevent BCC through sendmail. To test my theory, I’d like to try “hacking” Subscribe2 to send to CC recipients. What should I look for to change this?

  17. DJosephDesign – that sounds similar to my server email woes. I can recieve regular php mail only if it’s sent to an address on the same domain it’s sent from, so will recieve php mail from, but will not. I believe it’s some sort of issue with it being on a shared server, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, thats why I developed my SMTP Plugin – which I just updated to be compatible with Subscribe2!

    Good Luck!

  18. I must be dumb but I can’t find how subscribers can unsubscribe if they’re logged-in as users of the blog. When logged-in, it seems like you can only manage your subscription options via your profile.

  19. DJosephDesign,
    I’d suggest you try using the plugin Marcus has written – this will push all your email messages through SMTP rather than PHP mail (Thanks Marcus the plugin looks to be a great idea!)

    If that fails you need to find the Function Mail section and change the lines where the BCC: headers are created. They’ll currently add addresses to Bcc:, change Bcc: to Cc: and test it out.

    Registered users can unsubscribe by un-checking all the categories in their profile section but these users are registered with the WordPress blog as far as I know there is no way to unregistered.

  20. If that fails you need to find the Function Mail section and change the lines where the BCC: headers are created. They’ll currently add addresses to Bcc:, change Bcc: to Cc: and test it out.

    Well, it did fail (I’m communicating with Marcus on that). But I discovered that if I change it to “to” instead of BCC or CC, it works. And I do know for certain that my server is blocking BCC, but I’m now thinking they are also blocking CC.

  21. That’s a poorly configured email server you’ve got! Using To: as an interim will solve it for you BUT each subscriber will get a list of all the other subscribers email addresses – that is why I use Bcc: by default.

    Hopefully, the new version of the SMTP plugin will provide a solution to these problems.

  22. I really like the plugin, and I can get it to work. The only problem is that the “buttonsnap.php” interferes with another buttonsnap enabled plugin I have “vipers videotags”. Any way I can get rid of all the buttonsnap stuff, I dont see that it is entirely necessary for this plugin. can you let me know by e-mail?

  23. David,

    The buttonsnap file is only required if you want a QuickTag button for the Subscribe2 token. If you don’t want this you can remove the buttonsnap.php file but make sure you’ve turned off the button first in:
    Options -> Subscribe2 under Writing Options

    If you turn the button back on again remember you’ll get errors.

  24. Cristian,
    This plugin sends an email to a list of users who have submitted their email to the blog when a new post is published. The syndication feeds are updated seperately within WordPress.

  25. great plugin but it doesn’t work for me…i have WP installed on easyphp; i think it’s a php.ini setting problem; i tried different solutions posted on the net without success. Any suggestion?

  26. Churro,

    I presume you are talking about something like Google Ads – if your post already contains the code for these ads it will be sent to those users who have signed up to HTML email. Since other users get plaintext emails this code would be stripped out.

    I don’t intend to add any advertising feature to the plugin as the emails are much more likely to be designated as spam if they contain adverts and it is not the original intention of the plugin.

  27. Hey,

    I stuck the program in my sidebar easy enough. I’m having an issue with it, however .. updating the default catagory subscriptions for registered users under “manage –> subscribers” doesn’t seem to have any effect. Any idea why that function would not work?

    This is running WordPress 2.0.4, the latest version of your plugin, and an otherwise fairly standard setup on a shared webhost.

  28. Bryan,

    The category management works for registered subscribers only – you can tell if it works by looking in the drop down list. You have All subscribers and a number followed by the public subscribers and a number. The registered users appear next and any category you’ve subscribed them all to will have the same number at the side as the subscribers line – meaning they are all subscribed to that category.

    Public subscribers don’t have an option as they get an excerpt email following every post so this section only changes details for registered subscribers.

  29. Yes, I noticed that last night. If I manually subscribe my wordpress account to catagories they show up just as you’ve described. However, changing the catagory subscriptions for all registered users via manage -> subscribers page does nothing. I get the message at the top of the screen indicating the changes have been made but it’s not actually happening. I can neither subscribe my registered users or unsubscribe them via that page, it only seems to work from each individuals profile.

    I tried removing the plugin, reuploading it, and reinitializing it a few times to no avail. My webserver runs Apache 1.3.37, PHP 4.4.4, and MySQL 4.1.21. I tried disabling all my other plugins and it did not help.

  30. Bryan,

    I see what you mean – a little glitch there! If you click the filter button for Registered users it will work – a minor oversight on my part that will be fixed in the next release.

  31. Hrm .. I’m not sure I’m communicating the problem very well.

    Here’s a screenshot with the problem area circled (I’ve blurred out the email addresses listed). I’m assuming the way that is suppossed to work is I click the catagories I want to subscribe or unsubscribe my registered users from, then click the subscribe or unsubscribe button, and it should make the changes to all my registered user subscriptions. The problem is it’s seemingly doing nothing .. I check the changes against my admin account and they don’t reflect. I poked around in the SQL database and can’t seem to see any changes made to the subscribe2 tables either.

  32. Bryan,
    I understand the problem exactly and have already fixed it in my development code.

    Basically, when you go to Manage -> Subscribers the default page loads as subscribers but does not parse the emails so the Bulk Management panel does nothing.

    If you manually filter the list of Subscriers to Registered by clikcing the filter button and then used the Bulk Management functions it should work (it does on my installations).

  33. This is a great plugin, works really well, and I am glad you are continuing development. It’s especially useful for blogs behind firewalls where there aren’t RSS readers installed in the enterprise.

    I use the plugin to keep folks engaged with the content. One thing that would help with that is the option to include most recent comments as part of the DIGEST function of the plugin. So, the last day’s posts plus the last n comments, or comments posted to the blog in the last day. This is different than the “subscribe to comments” plugin, that is per-post. I think this additions would get more folks to check out the interactivity on the blog.

    I don’t know if that’s easy or hard – I have been trying to hack the 2.2.2 plugin, but now that I see it is being managed again, perhaps best to ask what you think in terms of possibilities.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  34. Maybe I’m missing something, but how do I send HTML emails with this plugin? I used to have an older version of subscribe2 which let me do this until I upgraded to the latest one.

  35. Hi Matt,

    It could be cool to add following features on next version :
    – be able on admin page to see which person is subscribed to which category (and may-be to be able to change subscription for in place of people)
    – add an option to automatically subscribe people when they register to the blog

    why? It simply comes from what I see on my blog… People have registered thinking they will laso subscribe to my blog entries (2nd item)… and I would like now to subscribe them (1st item)

  36. Solved, I did edit in html mode, and the ‘p’ tags where missing, so –subscribe2– wasn’t recognized.

  37. I am using this plugin, it seems work well for me but when I try to subscribe new user, I never see email to confirm registration.
    What is wrong here?
    can you help me?
    I added Italian language

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