Widget Installation

  1. Download the widget zip file to your local machine and unzip it
  2. Copy subscribe2widget.php to the /wp-content/plugins directory (or /wp-content/plugins/widgets for WordPress 2.0.x or 2.1.x) directory on your wordpress installation
  3. Make sure the WordPress Widget Plugin is activate.
  4. Activate the Subscribe2 widget in the Plugins admin panel.
  5. Add the Subscribe2Widget to your sidebar in the Sidebar Widgets admin panel.

56 thoughts on “Widget Installation

  1. Sorry, this isn’t entirely clear (yes, I’m a rookie). Does this widget require the subscribe2 plugin to be installed also or does it replace it entirely?

  2. Welcome to WordPress!

    The widget just provides a sidebar frontend for the plugin. The Plugin is a requirment for the Widget to work but the plugin will work more than happily without the widget.

    The plugin is the work horse, the widget is just eye candy!

  3. hi, i’ m using wordpress 2, with php 4.1 and i encountered this warning in my admin page under options>subscribe 2.Scrolling down i found a title:

    Categories to Exclude

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/www.x-brain.it/home/siti-internet/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2.php on line 407
    i didn’ understood how to insert the add/remove form in my pages….

  4. I am running WP 2.0.1 . I am also running Podpress 6.7 and Subscribe2 2.6. Today I added the Subscribe2 widget (v1.3) to my sidebar. Subscribe2 works fine and the widget shows up fine – but it is doing something really wierd with PodPress.

    On pages which have theloop running, and on which there is a post with an Podpress enabled enclosure, the enclosure info is showing up in the Subscribe2 widget.

    I checked the Subscribe2 widget in a page by itself and it doesn’t happen. I also tried moving around the widget to see if it really was the widget, and sure enough, the Podpress code is part of the widget.

    This is really wierd. This is the first time I am using a widget (everything else on my sidebar is a sidebar module). It makes my page look really funny too.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening? It isn’t breaking anything, it’s just sucking in the Podpress code for no reason.


  5. I followed the installation instructions above but I do not see the Sidebar Widgets Admin Panel. Where can I find that so I can add the widget to my sidebar?

  6. Pep,

    It sounds like PodPress is applying a filter in theloop in the same way that Subscribe2 does. PodPress is doning this after Subscribe2 and you are therefore getting the output on the sidebar.

    What is the URL of the site? I need to look at the rendered HTML code.

  7. I activated the widget and the only option avaialble is a title. I entered the title “E-mail Updates” and this shows up in my sidebar but nothing under it. Is there supposed to be a form to submit an e-mail address?

  8. Sorry to reiterate a question you previously address re sidebar widgets, but I have no such panel. I’m running WordPress independently on my website rather than using one hosted at WordPress, and there is no Sidebar Widgets admin panel under Presentation or any of the other menus. Any advice? Thanks for all of your help.

  9. Hey, what about a screenshot so I can see what Subscribe2 looks like in a sidebar? Or maybe a link to a blog that is using Subscribe2 in a sidebar. Sorry but I am new to all of this WordPress blog stuff.

  10. How do I get the subscribe form in the sidebar without having widgets. I mean, is there anything that I can just add to the sidebar.php file that I have in my theme that will put the form there? I like controlling like this, rather than with the widget plugin.

    I tried entering in there, without success. Please let me know if I am missing something here.


  11. I installed this just now and I can not find the sidebar widget admin panel…. I looked in where you said in a previous blog entry and I have no such thing….. can you please help. Thanks

  12. Hi,

    I’m using Black Letterhead Theme 1.3 and the author says that his theme is widget enabled, but the widget doesn’t show up in the sidebar, nor is there a widget admin panel under the presentation menu.

    Also, I’ve added the token in my Subscribe page but all I get is the text that IS the token. No form, nothing.



  13. Cheers for the spot, I’ve fixed the broken link. I would suggest you don’t download from the link above as it may have been altered to work differently.

  14. Hey There,

    Love the plugin and will be using it, but I have a question about the widget font colors. I use 3k2 and have the subscribe 2 widget plugin activated. However, because my background is black, the default color is not visable in my sidebar (the subscribe box is though). Any suggestions on where to find the proper CSS so that I can change the font color for the widget?


  15. I really appreciate you getting back to me, but still being relatively new at this, could you let me know how to define this in the CSS? The color I need the fonts to be is #000FF. Or if you could point be in a direction to learn more about doing this I would be most grateful. Thanks again for all of your help!

  16. I installed the Subscribe2 plugin with no problems except one: in Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets I don’t have any widget available for it. The subscription code does appear on the subscription page and all the admin functions seam to be there. Any ideas on how to make the widget available?

    Thank you!

  17. Thank you for your support. Somehow I did not realize that there are two items to download and install: the Subscribe2 Plugin AND the Subscribe2 Widget. After downloading and installing the widget, ofcourse it works. For some reason I “assumed” the I’ll download an all-included file.

    Again, Thank you.

  18. I have gone through the setup and am stumped. I am a rookie. I have installed both the regualar item and widget item. I can activiate the widget item but when I try to activate Subscribe 3.6 it tells me this

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Any help would be greatly needed. I am just learning

  19. I am using WordPress 2.2.1. Also these are the Plugin’s I am using;

    1. Amazon Showcase
    2. KB Countdown Widget
    3. Swift SMTP (Activated ok but tells me there is something in the Function.PHP i need to look at)
    4. Simpleflickr
    5. WordPress.com Stats
    6. Wp-Cache
    7. Subscribe 2 Widget
    8. Subscribe2 3.6 (Causes the Fatel Error)

    It does not tell me where the Fatal Error is cause it just will not let me activate it. Thank you for the Help…

  20. Patrick,

    Well you are using the correct version of Subscribe2 for your install of WordPress. I’ve had no issues and this is the first report of a fatal error.

    Have you disabled all the other plugins and tried only Subscribe2?

  21. I deactivated all and it still trips a fatal error. Could be I installed something wrong (wordpress, widget??) or could it be how I have it hosted (1 and 1) or any other ideas. Is there a way to find out what the Fatal error is (Code, Function.PHP) Just looking for a way. Thanks again for your help.

  22. Patrick,

    Try grabbing a fresh copy of the plugin and widget from the server. It could have got mangled somewhere along the way and that would explain it.

    I can’t think it would be WordPress as you’d expect other things to be affected and I don’t think your hosting would cause a problem.

    You can also add the following two lines of code into the file for more error information:

    ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

  23. I figured it out the way I installed it I put Subscribe2 in but did not put Buttonsnap.php in the Plugin folder. Once I did this everything worked great and thank you for createing such a helpful tool.

  24. Hi, I’m using the WordPress version 2.2 with built-in widget support (which are just plugins). I put your php file in the plugins\subscribe2 directory and it works. In other words, you might alter the description above (ad 2) since there is no widgets directory 🙂
    Thanks for a great plugin.

  25. Jens,

    Thanks for spotting that. WordPress 2.2.x integrated Widgets into the WordPress core so there isn’t a Widget directory any more – change made above.

  26. np, but first I also just tried to put the file in the root of the plugin folder but WP didn’t recognize the widget plugin – in other words, my quick test told me that it needs to be put into ‘your’ subscribe2 folder.

  27. Jens,

    Thanks for the extra information – based on what you are saying I might add the widget file into the full distribution archie rather than having it available separately.

  28. Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I’m new to wordpress, and I’m having a problem.

    The sidebar widget works fine, except I’m also using the “Share This” and “Odiogo Listen Button” plugins. On the sidebar, share this and the listen button appear above and below the subscription form and behave weirdly.

    How can I get rid of them (without turning off the plugins, of course)?

  29. I tried replacing that line of code. It returns this error message in the sidebar:

    “Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/wisdomfr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1871”

  30. The Fool,

    You might have to wait until WordPress 2.3 and Subscribe2 version 4.0 then. I’ve tried fixing this before without success.

    The problem arises when other plugins add content into the_content filter in WordPress by default without replacing a token of some sort. I can’t fix this within my code without breaking the other plugins 😦

  31. Ah OK, well thanks for the help.

    I guess I’ll have to try and find another email subscription plugin. Which is a shame, because yours is so good. -_-

  32. The Fool,

    WordPress 2.3 is due out at the end of this month – less than 3 weeks! I’ll release my updated version of Subscribe2 at the same time – so if you get no joy come back soon 🙂

  33. Christopher,

    I the subscribe2.php file for Subscribe2 I’ve prioritised the filter I add to the_content. Look for the following line:

    add_filter('the_content', array(&$this, 'filter'), 10);

    And change the 10 to a lower value to see of that helps.

  34. Hey,
    I activated the subscribe2 plugin, but couldn’t see it in widgets list for side bars.. using version wp2.6.. can u help me with it

  35. Hello. I installed your plugin and I’m having a problem with the widget. When I insert tmy email then it shows me:

    “To manage your subscription options please login.”

    Now, I have no registere users and I don’t want them to login in my administration panel. How Can I show always the insert form? also with the already signed users in my newsletter?

  36. Alessandro,

    You are seeing this because you are testing with your email address that is associated with your blog admin account, try again using an alternative email address.

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