10 thoughts on “Widget 1.2

  1. Hi again!

    What was wrog, sas that I had not upload the slidebar widget. Now I did it and when I go to Presentation now slidebar widget is there. It missess.

    What is the last trick that I have to do in order the slidebar widget shows itshef under Presentation?

    Thanks a lot, you were a real halp to me.

  2. Banago,

    It might be your theme rather than WordPress if you are getting the Sidebar Widgets pane in Presentation.

    Can you post the site URL you are using the widget on?

  3. Banago,

    The Widget is there in your sidebar but is not working as some characters in the Widget plugin code have been mis-translated somewhere along the way.

    If you can give me access to the widget file I can fix it, or you need to overtype the apostroophes and dashes in the widget code and it should start working.

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