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  1. I have a question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. If no categories are checked when a subscriber signs up, will they get all posts emailed or will none be emailed? I ask this because we will launching a new blog on Thurs and haven’t had enough posts to establish a category list. Thank you.


  2. Hi Kathleen,

    There are 2 types of subscriber, public and registered. You can only choose which categories to subscribe to if you register with a blog.

    If no categories are selected then no mails get sent but you (as administrator) can bulk subscriber users to categories if you wish.

  3. hi there,

    I have a question too: what exactly does the button subscribe too, I can find in the write tab do?

    I mean I can see it inserts into the post but I see no effect….

  4. Ovidiu,

    Make sure that there is a blank line either side of the inserted token and you should see a subscription form in the resulting WordPress page.

  5. Hey, now I’m looking for something to imporve this pluguin.

    I need a button that creates a CSV file to download to my computer to work with it.

    Do you know some plugin or maybe you would like to do it ?


  6. I’m found something interesting, I’ll send it tou you and maybe you could integrate it in your pluguin.

    It’s really easy.

  7. Admin wrote:

    If no categories are selected then no mails get sent but you (as administrator) can bulk subscriber users to categories if you wish.

    How? I can bulk subscribe email addresses, but I don’t know how to click on an email address and subscribe them to all categories.

  8. Under Manage -> Subscribers there is a text box to subscribe emails as Public Subscribers. Add them on a line each or comma seperated.

    In the same page you can also Bulk Subscribe existing registered users of your blog under Bulk Management.

  9. Hi,

    Is there a way for a registered subscriber to unsubscribe ?
    There’s no “unsubscribe url” in the emails sent.

    Any idea ?

  10. Marco47,

    Registered Subscribers are Registered Users of you blog. They can manage teheir own subscriptions via Users -> Subscriptions. Deselecting all categories is effectively the same as unsubscribing.

    If you want to delete these users you need to log into your blog as admin and delete the user from the WordPress database.

  11. Thanks ! This is what I tougth.

    I think that would be a nice feature to have a link at the bottom of each email to unsubscribe, for both registered and public subscribers.


  12. Marco47,

    Unsubcribe emails are only sent to Public Subscribers but there is nothing stopping you putting a link in your email template directing readers to your subscribe / unsubscribe page.

  13. Why is it that I cannot unsub registered users in the Manage->Subscribers menu? The code only triggers if a given user is confirmed or unconfirmed. I really need the ability to remove registered users. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  14. William,

    Registered users are Registered users of your blog as well as email subscribers. If you want to delete them use Users -> Authors & Users, select the users you want to delete and choose Delete Checked Users under Update Users and click Update.

  15. Martin,

    I have a branch of the code in development for WordPress 2.1 and MU. I find this very difficult to test though due to time and also actually getting a local install of WPMU running! Check it out in the SVN.

  16. Hi Matt,

    I’ve setup Subscribe2 successfully and it works well – so congrats on a good plugin.

    However I’ve noticed since activating it, every time I publish a new post my site hangs. I suppose this is as the plugin uses mail() to send out notifications to everyone on my subscriber list (~25 people). The “write post” page doesn’t refresh to the homepage as it used to. The site becomes unusable for about a minute and then refreshing the homepage shows the new post has been entered successfully.

    Is this normal behaviour? It doesn’t seem to interfere with usage, but perhaps a message letting the user know the plugin is at work might be useful.



  17. Once again, great plugin. Here is a request for a future update. Any chance of increasing the ability of admins to manage the subscriptions of individual users? I’d like to be able to subscribe this user to that category arbitrarily.

  18. My email confirmation is not being sent. What can i check to make sure everything is working correctly? THank you.

  19. Well yes, all other things worked. But now I just tried again, and it’s working. I don’t know if it has to do with me installing the SMTP plugin. But it’s working so i’m good. I will let you know if i run into any other problems. THanks for a great plugin.

  20. Okay, I can’t get the subscription form to show up.

    I write a new page, I insert <!–subscribe2–> onto a blank line, and after I publish it, I see:

    What am I doing wrong?

  21. MrBobDobolina,

    You shouldn’t “see” the token unless you view the source of the webpage.

    But, if the token is not being replaced make sure you have a blank linke before and after the token.

  22. MrBobDobolina,

    I’ve just visited your site and the reason the token isn’t being replaced is because you hav too many dashes.

    The toke is: <–subscribe2–> or phonetically, so as it were:

    “Less than” “minus” “minus” subscribe2 “minus” “minus” “greater than”

  23. Hello,

    We are using your plugin for several blogs in our library. We were wondering if it would be possible for you to add an option to notify the subscribers of a posted comment? We will probably attempt to modify your current version for this functionality, but it would be nice to see it built in.

    Thank you

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  25. Hello!

    Love this plugin. Followed it since it’s inception.

    Is there a way to include the subscribe block in the footer? I haven’t been able to accomplish this. Is it possible?


  26. Laundro,

    You can hack it yourself by adding code from the widget into your footer – but you’d be on your own with this one, I can ‘t support everything 🙂

  27. I am losing my mind because I can’t make this plugin send the full post to subscribers instead an excerpt. It doesn’t matter if they are registered or not, or what they’ve set in their preferences, or what my default options are. The e-mails that are sent out only include the summary, not the full text of the blog post. Any hints / ideas?

  28. I also can’t make people show up as registered, incidentally. I’ve been told that these problems might be related.

  29. Nelson,

    I think your problems may well be related. How are your users registering? By registered I mean with your WordPress blog by navigating to your-blog.com/wp-register.php.

  30. I’ve noticed this slight problem

    I set up my wp blog to show private posts to registered users only, this plugin works fine for everything else but it doesn’t notify my subscribed users when a private entry has been made

  31. mk,

    This is exoected behaviour as you wouldn’t want notifications of private posts sending out to your public subscribers.

    I can look at adding the option to mail registered users about private posts in a future version if there is demand.

  32. Hi, with the previous version of Subscribe2 I had it set up so that each time I made a new post a notification would be sent regardless of the category (especially when I made new categories) How can I set up the latest version of subscribe2 2.2.14 to act in the same way?

  33. Sharon,

    This is expected behaviour of the plugin, you can opt out of sending posts for certain categories in Options->Subscribe2 but otherwise emails should get sent.

    Make sure you are using the correct version of the plugin for your version of WordPress.

  34. Hi,

    Thanks for this great plug-in.

    I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem I am having. I am just testing out the plugin with a site I am currently building. Everything seems to work fine apart from when clicking on the link that is sent in the subscription e-mail (to confirm the subscription) I am taken to a page on the site that, as well as having the ‘Subscription Confirmation’ message, also shows the contents of every other page on the site.

    If you could throw some light on why this is happening I would be extremely grateful.


    P.S. When I say page I am referring to WordPress pages (i.e. not posts) as the token was saved within a wordpress page.

  35. Hi Matt,

    BIG sorry! Just found the solution. It is, of course, that I needed to set the page ID in the subscribe2.php file.

    Sorry about this.

    Thanks again for a great plugin. Please feel free to delete both this message and the original one above.

    All the best.

  36. Mark,

    This will hopefully be fixed in the next release as this is a recurring issue when S2PAGE is not defined at the top of the Subscribe2 code. On about line 46 there is a define statement as follows:

    define(S2PAGE, ‘0’);

    You need to change the 0 to the ID of your subscription page to avoid your issue.

  37. Hallo,

    super, genau das was ich suche.

    Bekommen public subscriber automatisch bei jedem verfassten Artikel eine mail?

    Ich verfasse gern mal 3 oder 4 Beiträge in einem Rutsch und da wäre es unschick, wenn die subscriber mehrere mails erhalten…


  38. Stefan,

    I hope my understanding of German is correct. Apologies for replying in English I hope this helps:

    Public Subscribers can get an email “per post” or you can set up “digest emails” so they get one per day, even if you made 4 posts, only 1 email.

  39. I added a small patch for using this plugin with the minipost2 plugin. It prevents email-notification for miniposts, and does nothing otherwise – if you don’t have that plugin installed, nothing would happen.
    to complete this patch a check box should be added in the control panel, asking the user if s/he wants the subscribers notified on miniposts. I didn’t add this, as I can do this manually – but I would, if there’s any demand.
    For the original patch, you have to the beginning of the publish() function this line:
    if (get_post_meta($id, '_mini_post', true)) { return $id; }

  40. Hi,

    many thanks for the powerful tool (v. 2.2.2 with WP 2.0.3). Unfortunately it quit sending emails after a while. I suspect it has to do with a new server and its config that I do not know. Could you specify how the tool works? To send an email away the tool should use an emailserver. Which one is used in this case then? Many thanks in advance.

  41. Igor,

    This plugin uses the wp_mail function in wordpress that in turn uses the PHP mail function. This normally makes use of the mail software installed on the server, usually sendmail.

    There are other plugins available that bypass the PHP mail funcction and all your content to be channeled direct to an SMTP server – see the SMTP Mailer Plugin

  42. Hello,

    Subscribe2 has been lying dormant on my blog until people finally starting subscribing the other day. I now receive notifications of my own posts every time I blog an entry. I just want to make sure this was by design?

    Is there a way to shut this off, or is it hardwired in how notifications are sent out? If it is, I’m using a filtering rule in my email software to divert these notifications so they don’t clutter up my inbox. I really don’t need to be notified when I’ve written something on my own blog 🙂

  43. Linc,

    The plugin sends the emaisl to your admin address and copies the email to your subscribers using the BCC: header in the email, so yes this is expected behaviour.

    It can’t really be changed so setting up a mail filter is a good way to de-clutter your Inbox.

  44. Hi,
    I just upgraded from the WP 1.5 version to the current. I have created a new page as you suggest, and it displays correctly in the preview window until I publish the page, then a 404 error occurs. I’m at my wits end! I know you’re busy, but please respond when you’re able.

  45. Merrick,

    I think this is more to do with your WordPress install rather than the plugin. To check this deactivate my plugin and remove the token from the page Does your 404 resolved?

    You could try rebuilding your permalinks by resetting to the default and then moveing back to your prefered settings.

  46. Thank you!! I followed your suggestion and set the permalink setting back to default. I needed to change the permissions of .htaccess to 666. I then edited the permalinks back to the original settings ( /%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ )
    but still had to change the template before the token magic was visible. Thank you again for the great support!! Stay tuned for the proper thanks!

  47. @Admin

    say, did i get this thing right? i only have to activate the plugin and the code does the rest?

    i have the problem that absolutely NO email is being sent by the plugin. The registration box works in my posts, people who use it get to be public suscribers and people who register to my blog get to be registered suscribers.
    But NOONE ever got an email was it for subscription confirmation, unsubscription or for a new post being published. i installed the smtp plugin as recommended, it works absolutely fine, but still… no emails being sent..

    have you got any idea what i could have missed?


  48. well i just found out that suscribe 2 comments doesn’t work either. seem that problem is not due to your plugin.
    still i don’t get why the swift_smtp test mail does work, while all other mails sent by the wp_mail function do not.

    an idea on that?

    regards carlos

  49. Carlos,

    Have you tried not using the Swift_SMTP plugin to see if mails still fail or arrive. Also try asking your host what restrictions they have in place for sending emails.

  50. Admin,

    as said, i did try the swift_smtp plugin!
    Anyway, i just updated my wordpress to 2.2 and now everything works fine!
    WP2.2 and Swift_smtp seems to be the winning team!

    thx for the thoughts!
    regards, Carlos

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  52. Beautiful — it works. Thank you very much.

    I apologize for not reading the installation docs; normally I do, and rather meticulously, at that. I think I got Subscribe2 together with a bunch of plugins from the WordPress site, so I just blindly unpacked them all into my plugin dir without really thinking about special installation instructions.

    Oh, I had to hack the code a bit to use %subscribe2 instead of the HTML comment because I think I had a conflict with another plugin that was preventing things from working right.

    Thanks again.

  53. Well, it seems really a beautiful plugin. But I have a doubt: now I receive notification emails only for registered users, while public user don’t receive anything. Setting is “Per post email” and no category is excluded.
    Public users are confirmed, I need to subscribe them to all categories?
    Thank you!

  54. Andrea,

    You need to take this up with your web hosting provider – virtually all of these problems are down to server limitations desgined to combat SPAM.

  55. Uhm… I’m looking at my server mail.log. It seems that the message that starts it’s only for 2 recipients: “from=, size=1328, nrcpt=2 (queue active)”

    And it’s true, my plugin sends only to the first 2 recipients (one registered and one public subscriber), ignoring the other 3 public users.
    Is there a setting in the plugin that decides this? I’m looking but I found only “define(‘BCCLIMIT’, ‘0’)”.
    Oh, my subscribe2 version is 2.3.5

    Thank you and again congratulations! When i’ll be able to make it work this plugin will be very useful! 🙂

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  57. Hey There!

    I’ve set up the Subscribe2 plugin, but users never get any emails.

    I’m confused! What details do you need to help me out?

  58. Yatrik,

    Does WordPress send any eamils when a user registers? Can you send mail successfully from Write -> Subscribers? Are you getting emails from Subscribe2?

    If the answer to any of these is yes then you need to ask your host about any limitations placed on emails and header in emails.

    If the answers are all no you need to ask your host if they allow sending of email and how you can get it working.

  59. Hey admin,
    I got everything set up, but once again, I get Carlos’s problem:
    Swift_SMTP email works, but nothing else does.

    However, I DO have WordPress 2.2 ….

    What shall I do?

  60. Sorry if I’m “spamming” your comments.
    But I forgot to add this:

    It’s not a problem with my host. I can send other emails just fine…..

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  61. Yatrik,

    Have you tired turing Swift_SMTP off, I’m not sure how it will behave in WordPress 2.2 after the integration of PHPMailer into the core files.

    Also, when you say it’s not your host as you can send other mail fine – do you mean from a mail client program like ThunderBird or Outlook? Sending from PHP is totally different and you still need to ask your host about restrictions.

    PHP is automatic (or can be) so restrictions are imposed to ensure PHP is not geared up to send spam. The reminder email failure message you are getting may also give you some clues but this is sounding very much to me like your host is blocking BCC headers or restricting outgoing PHP sent mail in some other way.

  62. Yes I have tried to turn Swift_SMTP off. I still doesn’t work.

    Nope, no restrictions on PHP mail. Checked with my host on that.

  63. Yatrik,

    Have you tried editing the code with this fix?

    Also, have you got access to your email logs? Either that or ask your host. If emails are not being sent there should be a reason given in the log files.

  64. I am in the final stages of redesigning a site for a band which has a legitimate mailing list consisting of over 600 subscribers. Obviously it would be much easier to import the list using the Subscribe Addresses box on the Manage > Subscribers page except that now everyone would be getting text emails instead of the html emails they were getting previously.

    Is there a way to bulk register users? Or possibly have all emails default to html (public subscribers as well as registered ones) unless they specifically request text.

  65. Hy,
    this is a nice piece of code 😀
    I’m checking out it, and I’ve found a little bug: at the beginning of the HTML message sent to registered users, there is a line like this:

    : MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″ Title of the post

    I’m using WP 2.2. Tell me how to debug this, I will be pleased to help you correct this.

  66. Diesis,

    I think this is a bug in the wp_mail() function in WordPress introduced when PHPMailer was added into the core files. This should be fixed by WordPress 2.2.1.

    In the meantime you can replace all instances of wp_mail with mail to avoid this glitch.

  67. Hy,
    just upgraded to WP 2.2.1 and still suffer the same bug.
    Do you mean to vi subscribe2 and do :%s/wp_mail/mail/gc ?
    Other suggestions ?

  68. Diesis,

    I don’t use vi so I have no idea what that command will do.

    Basically, there are 3 instances of “@wp_mail” in the code. Replace these instacnes with “@mail”

    The @ simply supresses errors so you can use “mail” if you want.

    For information, it looks like the bug fix for this has been bumped to WordPress 2.3!

  69. Subscribe2 on WordPress 2.1.3 sending created pages out in email even though the setting is set to off

  70. Oooooops, I was unix speaking :-* sorry !
    Yes I meant that.
    Not using wp_mail, it works fine.

    A little note: Post Title is not bolded in the text of the HTML email. It would be nice to be IMHO

  71. Hello!

    My problem is: although I think I paid attention to everything that possibly could go wrong I can’t get the form to show up. It’s really weird.

    In the editor the token appears completely correct, but on the page (http://www.astrophoenix.de/index.php/abonnement/) there is only a

    I’m using Subscribe2.3.5 and WP 2.2.1

    I’ve read a lot of other comments having the same problem, but none of the solutions worked for me.


  72. Christopher,

    WordPress.com strips most tags from a comment so you neet to use < and > to indicated pointed brackets.

    I’ve looked at the page you linked and can’t find the token in the source, are you sure it’s in the editor correctly?

  73. Hello!

    Thanks for the immediate reply!

    Indeed the token does not appear in the source, though the yellow rectangle in the wysiwyg an the token-code ist visible in the editor. It seems as it is replaced in the source by a blank. Could it be a character-set problem?

    Compare to this: http://www.astrophoenix.phoenix-astrologie.eu/abonnement/

    It is a still running copy of the blog with the old template. It uses Subscribe2.2.2 and WP2.1.2 – here it works perfectly.

    It might be a problem of the host, because the old version is hosted by another host.


  74. Christopher,

    Rather than using the button on the QuickTag menu bar have you tried entering the token manually in the CODE section of the editor?

  75. Yes – i tried it several times. I even switched off the wysiwyg.

    What i’m going to do now: I implement the plugin in another blog of mine, which is hosted by different host.

  76. At last I found what went wrong:

    Subscribe2 and WP-SEO interfere. Subscribe2 works fine with WP-SEO disabled, which is a pity.

    Both plugins are one of the best.

    Thanks at least for paying attention – maybe this information is somehow useful to you.

  77. Last call for today:

    Unchecking the option about the HTML-comments and blanks in WP-SEO did it for me – now both of them work.

    Sometimes it is that easy!

  78. Using the latest 2.35 with the following plugins

    All in One SEO Pack
    Dagon Design Form Mailer
    Get Recent Comments
    Other Posts From Cat
    Search Meter
    Sidebar Widgets
    Social Bookmarks
    Subscribe To Comments
    Themed Login and Register

  79. Not a domain blacklist an email blacklist. Let’s say a user subscribes and then asks to be unsubscribed. I would like to be able to prevent them from resigning up again unless they request to re-added by the admin. Once they are unsubscribed they can’t be added back unless the admin adds and confirm to re-add the black listed email address.

    A blacklist is also good for when you import a list of users from another database who have already unsubscribed from a previous newsletter system and you won’t make a mistake of re-adding them to your list. You get what I’m trying to say?

    The blacklist could be list-specific, with an option to have a global blacklist to ban unsubscribed email address.

  80. Cee Cee,

    I understand what you are getting at now – your first comment was not very specific.

    In answer to your question, I have no plans to implement this feature. I write Subscribe2 for use on my main site and release it here for others to use. I would not make use of this feature myself and am not therefore likely to implement myself.

    Of course you are free to amend the code yourself if you really want this feature.

  81. I’ve been having a problem for a while now with digest e-mails. The From field is always left blank regardless of if I set the From to be either the Blog Admin or the Post Author. Is it possible to either provide a field in a future release to specify the From: address or specify who the Blog Admin is (so that the e-mail is pulled from the right account)?

    In the meantime, I’d love to know if there’s a fix or if I’m just doing something wrong. I’ve never had this issue when doing Per Post.

  82. If you are having this probelm with the digest it should also happen with per-post emails.

    Blog Admin is assumed to be you WordPress user with an ID of ‘1’. Look in Users -> Authors & Users. Have you got your admin user with a ID of 1?

    If not this will explain your issue, to fix you need to search through the subscribe2.php code file for any line stating get_userdata(1) and replace the 1 with the ID of your admin user.

  83. Yep, the admin is not an ID of 1. I had a suspicion that would be the cause but thought it best to ask first. Maybe that can be selectable in future releases?

  84. I wish to provide you an Italian POT translation, would you contact me (there is contact form on my blog too)

  85. Diesis,

    Email sent to you for the Italian translation. You can change the time – it’s the same time that you save the setting only 1 day or 1 week later.

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  87. Received email. I’m working on it.
    Regarding the change time, it wouyld be nice to change the time to whatever I want. I don’t want to wakeup at 4.00 am to setup it for the next day 😉

  88. There is a problem with french accents in the post
    title and the mail is sent as html.

    If I look at the email with Thunderbird it’s ok but in
    yahoo mail it is not.

    Consider the following text: “L’été selon Etienne”

    When viewed in yahoo mail the subject line is encoded
    as “L’été selon Etienne” and shows as
    “L’été selon Etienne”.

    However in the subject body it is OK.

    Perhaps the subject and body are not encoded the same
    way? The Content-type is text/html; charset=”UTF-8″

    If someone can give me pointers I can fix and test it


  89. Etienne,

    I’m not really sure on this but my guess would be that the problem is with Yahoo! Mail.

    If it is displaying correctly in Thunderbird I think that would indicate that the email is okay. I guess it would be interesting to look at the source HTML of the Yahoo page to check the language encoding of the page – I’ll bet it’s not the same encoding as the actual email.

  90. I seem to be having trouble with the subcribe/unsubscribe feature. Newly subscribed users get sent to another page and when clicking the link in the unsubscribe confirmation email, again the wrong page is displayed. Any ideas?

  91. This is a regular install and the index.php file hasn’t moved. The plug-in is connecting with the DB because there is a meesage like: “you are already subscribed”. It’s just the pages that are linked directly from the plug-in that are calling the wrong page/file. Could it be a rewrite issue in .htaccess? I’m stumped….

  92. Merrick,

    Ah, you are talking about the admin pages then yes? What version of WordPress and the plugin are you using? Have you cleared out the Browser cache?

  93. Definitely not a custom install, although I am using a third party theme. All users are experiencing this problem, so the cache is not the issue. Using WP 2.1.3 and Subscribe2 2.3.3

  94. Merrick,

    Try upgrading to Subscribe2 3.6. I recall having quite a few issues with the admin pages in WordPress 2.1.x that disappeared with the release of WordPress 2.2.x as well so if you can, moving to the latest WordPress version might help too.

  95. What is the token if I need to enter it by hand? The S2 button isn’t appearing in my write window for some unknown reason…. I’ve checked permissions and such. Any ideas?

    Phil Loring

  96. Hi! Thanks for your greate plugin! Is there a German translation to download of the 3.7 Version?


  97. Alfons,

    There is no German translation for 3.7 that I am aware of. Feel free to download the POT file and make the translations. If you send it back to me when you are done I’ll add it to the list.

  98. I will do it, but how does it work? Do I need a special tool to work on this file? Can I just write the German translation in your POT file?

    Everything works fine with your plugin, except it’s not able to send daly or weekly notification? Notification on every post is ok. Do you have a solution?

  99. Alfons,

    You need to rename the file with a PO extension and add your language code, so for example:


    Then use a program like POEdit to add your translations and create the MO file.

    The daily/weekly notifications require a visitor to your site to execute the cron process – this sometimes causes a delay in sending the emails. Some users also remove the CRON files from the install for security reasons (although as far as I’m aware there are no issues) so this causes problems.

  100. Hi,

    Awesome plugin. Thank you.

    I was wondering about the From: field in the email message for a new posting. In the control panel you can choose to send the notification email from administrator or the poster. It appears that the plugin uses the user name (admin or the posters user name) for this? Is this correct?

    I need to be able to have the From: field in the post notification message be the blog title. Is it an easy hack to the code to do this?

    The only work around I can think of is to make a user with the bog title as the user name. Unfortunately, since my blog title has 3 words in it I would have to use underscores which is ugly (My_Blog_Title).

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


  101. Chris,

    This is an easy hack – look for line 242:

    $headers = “From: ” . $this->myname . ” myemail . “>\n”;

    and hard code what you want into this line, maybe something like:

    $headers = “From: My Super Blog myemail . “>\n”;

  102. I translated the Subscribe2 V3.7 Plugin to German. Where should I send the files?

    I still have the problem with the daily/weekly notification. I didn’t remove any CRON files. Do I need to install this CRON files? How can a visitor of my blog execute the CRON process?

  103. Alfons,

    I’ve emailed you off list for the translation files.

    If you are using WordPress 2.2 then the CRON functions are built in. A visit to your site is what starts the process off, it’s a psuedo-cron rather than a true cron function which is why a site visit is necessary.

    Do other plugins that use the cron functions work – like WP-DB-Backup

  104. I use WordPress 2.2.2 and no WP-DB-Backup Plugin.
    How can I find out which other Plugin maybe use the CRON functions?

    I activated:

    Counterize II
    Customizable Post Listings
    External Links
    Flexible upload
    Get Recent Comments
    iCal Posts
    jQuery AJAX Comments
    Language Switcher
    NextGEN Gallery
    Search Meter
    Sideblog WordPress Plugin
    Subscribe To Comments
    Tiger Style Administration
    WordPress Password
    WP AJAX Edit Comments
    WP lightbox 2

  105. Alfons,

    I don’t think any of those pluigns make use of CRON. I was suggesting that you download WP-DB-Backup to see if the CRON functionality in that plugin worked. If it works then that would mean the issue was in Subscribe2, if not it would mean there is a broader issue in CRON.

  106. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your help. I activated WP-DB-Backup and saved my database. It works without any problems.

  107. Alfons,

    Have you schedule WP-DB-Backup to email you a backup of your database every night? Did this work? (This is the part of the plugin that uses CRON)

  108. Sorry if that has already been asked. My family’s blog uses your plugin. When I post an entry, subscribers get the email, but when my brother or sister-in-law post an entry, no emails go out, even to their own email accounts don’t receive a notification. I end up having to delete their entries and re-entering them under my account.

  109. Dee,

    Have you got your options set so that the emails come from the Author or the Blog Admin? Try changing from Author to Blog Admin if your settings were this way around. The issue may be because your author emails address stored in the WordPress system is on a different domain to your blog and therefore emails from these authoers are being blocked (a spam prevention measure on most servers).

  110. Dee,

    Can you brother and sister-in-law send emails from Write->Mail Subscribers?

    Also, as a temporary workaround, don’t delete the posts authored by other users, simply change the status of the post from Published to Draft, then Publish them again (with you as the author).

  111. I tried to set up a daly backup-email with my database, but it didn’t work either. Should be something wrong with the server or mybe the wordpress settings, but I couldn’t find the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

  112. Alfons,

    You said earlier that you are using WordPress 2.2.2. WP-Cron is built into the core files so I can only guess that at some level your WordPress install in incomplete or corrupt.

    I’d suggest taking a backup of your database and then erasing all of your WordPress files and folders (expect wp-config.php and the wp-content folder) and uploading fresh copies.

  113. Hi,

    where can I change the TEXT of the E-MAILS, the subscribers get from me?
    I would like to change some text there and translate it into German.
    I have several options for the configuration of SUBSCRIBE2, but cannot find anything to change the TEXT of the e-mails, the subscribers are receiving.

  114. cSign,

    Are you using a plugin that alters the WordPress admin menu system? At least one of these plugins interferes with the menu items Subscribe2 adds stopping the correct output from appearing.

  115. Sorry, I’ve still a problem: I have no S1-button in my editor’s page. Have you a solution for this, too?
    the “buttonsnap.php” is directly in the plugin level.

  116. cSign,

    The QuickTags bar is somewhat temperamental. Try clearing out your browser cache or insert the subscribe2 token manually.

    The token is:


  117. On a combination of WP# 2.0.5 and Subscribe # 2.2.8 it seems that the maximum sunscribers is around 100. At least it didn’t work anymore with subscriber No 101.
    Any clue of what to do?

  118. Peter,

    There are no limits imposed in either WordPress or Subscribe2. Limits are imposed by your hosts server configuration – both hardware and software.

    It might be worth asking them to emply an email queuing solution as that may help you to a larger email list.

  119. It’s me again. The sending of a daily digest finally works (I don’t know exactly why ;-).
    But this email is always empty. If I write “TABLE” into the template no digest is showing up only the text TABLE. Do I something wrong?

  120. Yes I inserted it with capitals and without quotes.
    POST does only work if I will send out a email by every blog post.

  121. I updated WordPress to 2.2.3 DE and now the POST token work fine for daily notification. But still the TABLE token don’t work.

  122. Alfons,

    The line is localiazable or you can override everything in the code by changing it directly.

    Look for line 2046:

    $subject = '[' . stripslashes(get_option('blogname')) . '] ' . $display . ' ' . __('Digest Email', 'subscribe2');

    And chaneg it to whatever you like 🙂

  123. Hm. I found this line, but I use the German translation, So the subject for the daily digest should be in the language file as well. I found the subject for once per week, . But I can not found the subject in the “subscribe2-de_DE.po”-File for the daly digest. I need to chance it, cose the html-code for a German special caracter is wrong.
    Could it be possible that the translation is in the wp-language file?

  124. Ha. I found it. There is something wrong with the German translation of WordPress “de_DE.po”. The words “Once Daily” and “Once Hourly” are there translated.

  125. I’ve just installed Subscribe2 version 2.3.8 on my site which uses WordPress 2.2.3. It appears to be working except for one problem. When I use the “Write->Mail Subscribers” menu I get the following messages after hitting the Send button:

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT * FROM wp_categories

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT * FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_ID > 0 AND category_count > 0 ORDER BY cat_name ASC

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(id) FROM wp_subscribe2 WHERE active=’1′

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(id) FROM wp_subscribe2 WHERE active=’0′

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(meta_key) FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key=’s2_subscribed’

    I am not a hacker, just an end-user. I have no idea what “MySQL server has gone away” means, but it doesn’t sound good. Any ideas anyone? If this is the wrong place to post, please let me know where I should post.


  126. Nathan,

    This means that your MySQL server has timed out waiting for something to happen. The possible causes are:

    1/ Too short a time out set in the MySQL configuration
    2/ Poorly configured PHP settings
    3/ Too much load on the server making you site respond slowly
    4/ Too many queries on the MySQL server
    5/ The SQL server had crashed

    Any of the above will need to be checked out by your host if you are ‘just an end user’.

  127. Hey, using Subscribe2 since yesterday, and works fine except for one thing: when clicking the (un)subscribe confirmation link in emails, the page I’m being sent to has a weird main menu. All the items in the main menu (which is a wp_list_pages() menu) have “Subscription Confirmation” as their link text, instead of their normal names… I couldn’t find any topic on this bug, is this something known?

    While writing this, I’m thinking it might have something to do with the multilanguage plugin I’m using (Polyglot).

    Thanks in advance for your time!

  128. Floris,

    In the file subscribe2.php near the top of the code you’ll find a line as follows:

    define(S2PAGE, ‘0’);

    You need to change the 0 to the numerical ID value of the page you posted to handle your subscriptions. Look in Manage->Pages for the ID number.

  129. Thank you for the explanation of the “MySQL server has gone away” error. I submitted a support ticket to my host (BlueHost.com, which was promoted as a wordpress friendly host) and they responded as follows:

    Dear Customer,
    This problem is caused by a MySQL server connection sleeping for too long
    and it is killed by the server. We recently lowered the limit on the time
    that the process can sleep. It has been changed to 30 seconds. This has
    been done in an effort to reduce excess load on the server. Changing the
    sleep time on the script would be something you would have to resolve with
    the software developer.

    Is there anything that can be done at this point? Thanks in advance for your help.


  130. Nathan,

    How many registered users hae you got and how many public subscribers?

    Also, how many categories are there in your blog?

    I can’t understand why you are getting this error when you hit send in Write->Mail Subscribers but your site can produce the drop down list of subscribers and presumably is sending emails when you make a post.

    I have personally seen this error but it was down to really poor hosting configurations on the servers of a compnay who I rapidly left! You could always move off BlueHost. Try HostICan – their solutons work very well for my main sites. (And if you move and se the link in my sidebar you’ll earn me some money which would be nice!)

  131. Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately I already tried that and it didn’t work. Although the page template changed (another main menu item highlighted, different subitem list), the names of the main menu items are still all “Subscription Confirmation”. Even the subitem list has the same problem now, but that’s a pretty basic wp_list_pages() menu as well, so there is some logic to that.

    I could send you a direct link to the “subscription confirmed” page, so you can see for yourself, but due to spam/bot risks, I prefer not to put a direct hyperlink to a mailing list confirmation page out in the open.

  132. In addition to the previous post: the “href” part of the menu hyperlinks is still OK: on hover, they display the URL’s they are supposed to.

    Maybe the bug has something to do with the the_title() WP function, or the title_filter that is applied by Subscribe2 (as that is the only place I could find the words “Subscription Confirmation” in the php source code).

  133. Floris,

    Thanks for your help debugging this one. It appears that the core WordPress code has been updated to call the_title function when listing pages. Subscribe2 over rides the_title to display messages to your users. This means you may get several over-rides on one page and therefore several instances of your message.

    As a temporary fix comment out (put // before it) the following line:

    add_filter(‘the_title’, array(&$this, ‘title_filter’));

    For more information on the WordPress code and the background to the issue see here.

  134. [[How many registered users hae you got and how many public subscribers?]]
    I have 20 registered users and 13 public subscribers

    [[Also, how many categories are there in your blog?]]
    I have 7 categories, only 4 of which have been used. The other three are “Blogroll”, “Links” and a new one just set up.

    [[I can’t understand why you are getting this error when you hit send in Write->Mail Subscribers but your site can produce the drop down list of subscribers and presumably is sending emails when you make a post.]]
    It *appears* that the email did go out when I chose the Write->Mail Subscribers command, but I don’t know that everyone got the mail. I’ve been able to confirm that about half got the mail – haven’t talked with the rest. As far as the mail going out when I post, it appears to be working properly as well. I’m just concerned about the errors. As long as the mails went out, I can ignore them if you suggest.

    [[I have personally seen this error but it was down to really poor hosting configurations on the servers of a compnay who I rapidly left! You could always move off BlueHost. Try HostICan – their solutons work very well for my main sites. (And if you move and se the link in my sidebar you’ll earn me some money which would be nice!)]]
    I went with BlueHost.com because they were the first one listed at http://wordpress.org/hosting/ – so I assumed they were reputable, reliable and had a proven track record with WordPress. I just moved there a couple of weeks ago and it was a bear getting everything set up right, importing my stuff, etc. I’d hate to do it again, although I wouldn’t mind sending you a donation to support your efforts.

    What do you make of BlueHost’s comments about the 30 second sleep limit on scripts? Is that something you can do in Subscribe2? (I know NOTHING about coding so I don’t know if that’s feasible, possible or practical.) Thanks for your help.


  135. Alfons,

    Some users have described this as an issue and found that resetting to Per-Post emails and then setting digest emails again seems to resolve the issue.

    At present I have been unable to re-produce this issue so any indication you can give to a solution or precipitating factors would be good.

  136. Nathan,

    According to the MySQL documentation the default timeout period is 8 hours! Reducing this to 30 seconds seems to me to be a bit extreme.

    Having reviewed the error messages you originally posted it looks like the server closed the connection after the email was sent but before the queries were issued to construct the Write->Mail Subscribers page (the dropdown list counts numbers of subscribers of each type).

    I guess there are two possible causes:
    1/ The queries are taking too long to run
    2/ Too many query processes are running at one time

    The solutions are different depending on the cause:
    1/ Issue a mysql_ping() to keep the query running
    2/ Issue sleep() statements to allow queries to run completely before issuing another query

    I think perhaps the latter would be worth a try first. Look for the display_subscriber_dropdown function and add in some sleep(5); statements. This will sleep the PHP execution for 5 seconds. Add them between lines containing SQL queries.

  137. Hi there!
    Thanks for a GREAT plugin! Just what i needed. I searched your forum for a way to change the “FROM” field i e-mails. I have read you reply to Chris in this commentlist, and tried to make the code change. I end up with:

    $headers = “From: HMI Gl. Elevforening myemail . “>\n”;
    $headers .= “Return-Path: myemail . “>\n”;

    “HMI Gl. Elevforening” is the name i would like to be in the “From” field. But if i make this change, my WHOLE site doesn’t work!?

    Could someone please tell me, what I’m doing wrong? And also, what is the code to write, if I wan’t the reply mail to be fx mail@hmielev.dk?

    Lasse Rønlev, Denmark

  138. Lasse,

    If an error takes down your whole site it’s usually a syntax error in the code. Try the following (but take care to use straight quotes and not the smart quotes WordPress.com substitutes) :

    $headers = “From: HMI Gl. Elevforening <mail@hmeilev.dk>\n”;
    $headers .= “Return-Path: mail@hmeilev.dk\n";

  139. I use your plugin now since a while. After my first problems it works now fine. Anyway I found one weird thing. If I want to manage all subscribers and I check the pull-down menu with all categories, there are different numbers behind. That is the entire number of subscribers of this particular category, isn’t it? Well, but why on earth are they different, even if I subscribe everyone to every category? I also deactivated the function, that members can join categories by them self.

  140. Hi there,

    Excellent plugin!

    We have a fairly hefty mailing list for our Arts Centre ( ~1500 ) and our host caps outgoing email at 1000 per hour. Is there any way to stagger the delivery so we don’t cripple our email system every time we post to the site? I noticed the define(‘BCCLIMIT’, ‘0’); line in subscribe2.php – what effect does changing this value have?

    Also, as a feature request, some means of managing bounced emails would be very helpful. ie If an address consistently bounces, temporarily suspend or auto-unsubscribe them.

  141. Roger,

    The BCCLIMIT defines the number of BCC recipients that can be sent per email, 0 means they are all sent in one email.

    You’ll need to speak to your host about email throtling – it’s not included in the plugin. One way might be to use PEAR Mail Queue.

  142. When i view the options page under “Excluded Categories” there are 14 check boxes all checked with no name next to them. When i choose to “unselect all” of them and save, they still come back checked. Why is this?

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  144. Are older versions of this plugin available somewhere? I’m looking for a version that will work with WP 2.2.2. Unfortunately, not everyone can update to the latest WP due to hosting constraints, etc. Do you keep the old versions around?


  145. Um, okay. I’m an idiot. Disregard my previous comment. (on the front page of the site too!) Doh!

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  147. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way for subscribe2 to include administrators, editors and authors in the subscriber list.
    Thanks for great plugin

  148. Andrea,

    Administrators, editors and authors are all able to subscriber as Registered Users. You can also bulk manage all Registered Users in Manage->Subscribers and subscribe them to categories of your choice.

  149. I currently have an older version of subscribe2 working at u15billings.com but cannot seem to get u16billings.com working (latest versions of WP and S2). Our server does not allow email sent by “nobody” and requires SMTP usage. I have the ShiftThis SMTP Mailer plugin installed and the test email works fine – but nothing sent from either MAIL TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS or upon a new post. I have been searching google and combing through multiple posts/comments on this site without success. Any ideas? I am open to providing access to the blog as admin if that helps…

  150. Nick,

    I recently stopped using the wp_mail function in WordPress because of glitches but if you are using SMTP you’ll need to make sure you are using this function. Look in the subscribe2.php file for instances of @mail and change them to @wp_mail.

  151. It’s only possible to read my blog if you are registered, but if I delete registered users, they still receive my weekly notification. Do I always delete subscriber manually? How can I do that?

  152. Alfons,

    If you are deleting these users from your WordPress database they should no longer get emails as their details will have been removed. If you need to manually uninstall the details are stored in the usermeta table. You’ll need to know the user id to find the appropriate entries.

  153. Hello. Please email me back cause i have a little problem that it might need your help. If u think u can spare 5-10 min for me pls email me back or tell me how can i contact you. i have some code problems that i havent found solution ion the blog…:(

    u can see my email adress:)

  154. Hey there, I get an error while enabling the plugin:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes) in ……plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1802

    can you help?

  155. You need to edit your php.ini file and allocate more memory, currently you are limited to 8Mb, default is 32Mb. If you don’t have a php.ini file take this up with your hosting provider.

  156. Thank you for such an excellent and complete plugin!
    I would like to be able to remove the “subscribe/unsubscribe” radio buttons from the public sign up. Currently I have the subscribe2 form in my sidebar, and I find the radio buttons look bad as well as take up more space then necessary. Is there a way to bypass the radio buttons? Thanks again for the plugin!

  157. Daniel,

    The radio buttons are required so that the plugin knows what action to perform with the given email address. I’d suggest you look at the CSS of your theme to make the buttons appear to your liking.

  158. Love the plugin – thanks for your ongoing work on this.
    Since installing Subscribe2, I have noticed that I have over 1,000 public subscribers that are all spam subscribers. Two questions, how can I mass delete these 1,000 and how can I prevent spammers from easily subscribing – thanks.

  159. Simon,

    Go into phpMyAdmin and issue the following command:

    DELETE FROM wp_subscribe2 WHERE active=’0′

    and all of your unconfirmed subscribers will be deleted.

    As to how you stop it happening – I’ll add it to the uture feature requests but you can also try running the Bad Behaviour plugin.

  160. WP-Cron is described as obsolete in WP 2.1+. Are you updating subscribe2 to use the new cron in WP? Or is it possible to install and use WP-Cron anyway (I haven’t tried this yet, running WP 2.3.2)?

  161. Mike,

    The WP-Cron plugin is obselete in WordPress 2.1+ because it was integrated into the core files from this WordPress release. Subscribe2 makes use of the core cron functionality so you don’t need the WP-Cron plugin.

  162. Am I understanding correctly that in order to obtain more info from subscribers, such as name and phone number, I need to create a subscribe page that they will be redirected to? Are there instructions on how to do this somewhere? I’m sure I can find a CGI script to build the subscribe page, but I’m a little confused on the integration of it. Also, what is the difference between registered subcribers and public subscribers? Subscribers are subscribers, correct? Thanks

  163. Anthony,

    For the different types of subscriber please look in the ReadMe.txt file included in the download. If you want ‘more information’ from your subscribers you’ll need to get them to register with your blog rather than submit an email as a public subscriber.

    There is no CGI script – subscribe2 doesn’t need one. Again all is explained in the ReadMe.

  164. Again, forgive my ignorance and thanks for the prompt response. However, maybe I am misunderstanding the objective of the plugin. Here is what I did:

    I created a page and used the S2 button to automatically generate the subscribe form. However, the only field that shows is “email” which is the same as having the widget on my sidebar. In my subscribe2 php file I changed the page ID to correspond to the page created, however, after logging out and going through the steps, all I get is a confirmation on the way message and no redirect to the subscribe form I created (which isn’t even a form). When you say ‘get people to register with my blog,’ in lieu of public subscription, I still don’t see where or how this is done.

    What I was looking to do is collect more than just email addy’s from the subscribers. I have to be missing a step, or is this plugin not the one I need? Thanks again. Enjoy your day!

  165. Anthony,

    The page you created will contain a form when you are logged out otherwise it will contain a link to your profile.

    Visitors to your blog register at your.domain/wp-register.php, you’ll need to allow registrations in Options->General.

    Subscribe2 can then be used to email your subscribers when you post an article on your site.

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  167. I tried to make the Subscribe2 plugin work, and all but the registration form did. I made a webpage named “Subscribe”, but the subscribe2 code in there and even changed the normal on subscribe2.php . I also made sure to log out (which did not help) and I’m positivly sure that there is a line above and underneat the code. Perhaps this is inflicting with other plugins but I would not know which ones. I really want this to work!

  168. Northsoul,

    You can change the content in Options->Subscribe21. It will contain any text in the template and the keywords in capitals are substituted for the text shown or described to the right of the templates.

  169. Is the cron plugin still required? I understand that wordpress 2.3 includes cron functionality built in ?

  170. Diether,

    I think pseudo-cron functionality went into the core with WordPress version 2.1. So, in answer to your question, no you don’t need the wp-cron plugin.

  171. Administrator,

    Possibly silly questions but….

    If I add a list of email addresses via the subscribe addresses text box on the manage->subscibers page these addresses receive notification of posts in *all* categories of the blog?

    If a user then registers with an email address of one that I’ve added manually they will be able to change which categories they’ve subscribed to?

    Is this correct?

  172. David Rack,

    You can add as many or as few as you like my changing the code in the function called add_weekly_sched. What sort of time frames did you have in mind?

  173. Techxplorer,

    Adding a list of emails in Manage->Subscribers adds them ad public confirmed subscribers. They will get an excerpt of all new posts provided that are no excluded categories in Options->Subscribe2.

    If they then register with your site there details are transferred to those of a Registered User and they can manage their own subscription including type of email and notification categories.

  174. hi
    i used an earlier version of subscribe2 which worked great. i have now upgraded wordpress to 2.5 and also to subscribe 4.5 but now i can’t activate the plugin. it displays this message when trying to activate it:
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    please help – i have used the subscribers list to allow people to download an ebook (if they are subscribed) and to subscribe in order to get the ebook. without this plugin working, i’m a bit stuffed in this regard so really would appreciate some help to get it working.

    i tried installing on my website as well as my local machine and have the same problem in both cases.

    thanks in advance


  175. Clive,

    Do you have other plugins running? There appear to be more conflicts since WordPress 2.5 arrived. Try disabling all your plugins and then add them back in one at a time.

  176. How do I change the displayed “from” in the e-mails being send from Subsribe2. I don’t want to change my admin screen name but want the “from” to be my blog name. I’ve tryid hardcoding all the $this->myname = get_option(‘blogname’);, but It’s not working…

  177. Hi,
    Im trying to figure out where and in what file I can change the width of the email address input form for the public subscribers?

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  180. Matt,


    to get the TITLE with the permalink in the HTML email which of this codes is correct ?


    or this


    many thanks, Alex

  181. ops sorry my comment was automatically formatted.
    Should I use a href=”PERMALINK” or a href=PERMALINK to get a certain word be the permalink?

  182. Another thought

    Why is is that a site promoting a Subscribe to comment plugin does not offer the option to subscribe to comments?

  183. I’ve tried to subscribe within this form and as soon as i click subscribe i get this error message – “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”. I am setting this WP site up for my wife and just need to troubleshoot why this is happening. It’s probably something i overlooked. There was nothing immediate that i could find on forums and the like. thanks for taking the time.

  184. Betteristheenemy,

    You will see that message if, for some reason, your server is returning a failed message when emails are sent through the php mail() function.

    Try the Test Mail plugin. If that doesn’t work you need to talk to your hosting provider.

  185. thanks for the reply. tried the plugin but, no test mail was sent to the admin email address. I even had an outside user load the site … nothing. should i try the smpt plugin? My hosting provider has some explaining to do.

    thanks again.

  186. Betteristheenemy,

    It might be worth a try using the SMTP route since this will bypass the server mail. It sounds like it’s your last chance though.

  187. tried the smtp but nothing changed when i tried, on an outside computer, to subscribe an email. I received the same error. however, the dashboard does show that there are emails in the unconfirmed queue ( the email addresses that I typed in plus a random one from googlemail). Also, this is the only plugin activated.

    I called my host – ENOM- and will have to submit a ticket to their dev guys. Any other thoughts are welcomed.

  188. Hi. I saw in one of the previous comments a way to hardcode the From name and address of the email Subscribe2 sends out, but the code looked like it was an older version since the sample original code didn’t have all the slashes and stuff. I don’t want to accidentally mess it up so could you please tell me how I should change it for the latest version?

    I’m guessing the coding I need to change is this part:
    $headers = “From: \”” . $this->myname . “\” myemail . “>\n”;
    $headers .= “Return-path: myemail . “>\n”;
    $headers .= “Reply-To: \”” . $this->myname . “\” myemail . “>\n”;


  189. Crosswithyou,

    To hard code just change those lines to ones containing your email address, like this:

    $headers = “From: me@email.com”;
    $headers .= “Return-path: me@email.com”;
    $headers .= “Reply-To: me@email.com”;

  190. I’ve manually placed subscribe2 token () into the sidebar.php file of my theme, but it does not show up. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible?

    I have successfully created a separate page for subscribing and I am able to insert the S2 token into blog entries, but it would be more prominent on the sidebar. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks 🙂

  191. Thanks, and my apologies for not browsing through your whole site, as the answer was there. This widget is a real timesaver!

    I’ve sent you a donation your way as a thank you — it’s not much (I’m in a startup and the salary isn’t there yet), but I hope it’ll show my appreciation to you for the plug-in and all your help.

  192. Hi again. Last time you told me that in order to change the From address in the emails, I should change the coding to this:

    $headers = “From: me@email.com”;
    $headers .= “Return-path: me@email.com”;
    $headers .= “Reply-To: me@email.com”;

    Now what if I want to add a name to that so that it doesn’t just show the address? Would it be this?

    $headers = “From: NAME ”;


  193. Oops, that didn’t show up right. Should be NAME and then the email address between

  194. Crosswithyou,

    I’m sure you’ve got it right but the tag stripping of comments causes confusion, for clarity therefore you need:

    $headers = ‘From: “Name” <me@email.com>’;

    Note the quotes – these are important based on the possibility of apostrophes in names.

  195. Hi!

    how do i edit the subscribe2.php file to show always the same email title? and not with the post title… that’s because i have a multylanguage site and the plugin is sending a email like:

    [blogname] – ][lang_br] portuguese text[/lang_br] [lang_en]english text[/lang_en]

    and i want something like:

    [blogname] static text



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  197. Is there any chance to add an option to NOT include “Reply-To” and “Return-Path” headers?

  198. Ravbc,

    I’d rather not add any more options – the option screen is pretty full as it is! You can edit these out of the code easily by commenting out the appropriate lines in the mail() function of the Subscrbe2.php file.

  199. Thanks for this great plugin. I am having a little problem. I am getting daily digest emails when I have not posted anything new. It is very random, I have the TABLE message substitution in my email and it is always blank in these random email.

    Is there anyway to change the email setting so that it checks to make sure there is content in the TABLE before it sends out a daily digest?

    When I do post somethings I do get an email so at least that works.

  200. Ok I know what the problem is, it is a simple bug. I didn’t create a new post, but I did upgrade my WPG2 plugin. I checked my posts table and the date on the WPG2 page had been updated. So to your code it looked like a new page. However, I have “Send Emails for Pages” set to no.

    The reason the email is sent is because you only check for posts after running the query and not before sending the email. Your query finds the updated page, so it passes your check if (empty($posts)) { return; }. But because of the restriction the page is removed, but the email is still sent.

    You need to add another check right after running the restriction check to make sure we still have posts.

    If you changed
    $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $mailtext);

    if ($table != “”) {
    $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $mailtext);

    I think that should fix it.

    Another change you could make is to build your query dynamically based on the restrictions. Then you would not get those pages in the first place. This would also help to make the query faster for sites that have a lot of new content.

    I look forward to your response.

  201. Justechn,

    Thanks for the bug spotting and for submitting a possible fix, take a look at the trunk dev version and see if you like the changes.

  202. Hi, I’m having 2 problems:

    1. Subscribers’ status cannot be changed (can’t delete or move)
    2. Emails aren’t going out to public subscribers.

    I’m not skilled in the php programming, so is there any way I can get step by step instructions on how to fix both?


  203. Liz,

    1/ I’ll bet you are using IE or Opera. For the time being use a compliant browser like Firefox but this will be fixed in the next version.

    2/ Have you asked your hosting provider about restrictions in place on your package? Public subscribers are last in the queue so it is most likely you are running into a limit on your server.

  204. Can anyone help me add a name and birthday or location field to the subscribe form and resulting subscribers panel under the admin. Thanks

  205. Hi dear!
    How can I place subscribe form in my sidebar.
    I actived subscribe2 plugin, but I cant see the subscribe form in my home page or sidebar ?? :((

  206. Hi, how do a registered user unsubscribe? You’ve mentioned above they can unsubscribe in “Your Subscription” page within “User” but there is no such button/checkbox. All the category check boxes were empty so there’s nothing to “unselect” from. The registered user was not able to unsubscribe from the subscribe form, it always tells him to “edit in its profile” but no unsubscribe button was found anywhere in there. Am I missing something? Thanks!!

  207. Barbara,

    If there are no categories checked then no emails will be sent automatically. If they want to be deleted you’ll need to delete them as a WordPress user.

  208. Hi,

    I would like to perform some changes in the subscribe/unsubscribe messages, adding some html tags.
    For example it makes more sense to me send something like this:

  209. Hi,

    I would like to perform some changes in the subscribe/unsubscribe messages, adding some HTML tags.
    For example it makes more sense to me send something like this:

    – The Blog “BLOGNAME” has received a request to ACTION for this email address.


    – BLOGNAME has received a request to ACTION for this email address.

    But I don’t know how to make the HTML tags work in that meessage.
    Can you help me with that?

    Best regards,

  210. Roy,

    In order to make the changes you need are asking for you’ll need to allow for sending of HTML emails in the send_confirm function and then make the changes to your template.

  211. Thank you Admin,

    Don’t you think it would be a nice feature in your plugin to allow html tags in those messages?. That way, you would be able to format the message properly and apply your own template from the beginning.

    I’m not a programmer but I’ll browse the web to try and find something to help me modify that function.

    Kind Regards,

  212. Roy,

    I’d have to say that I don’t think it would be a good feature, many people don’t like getting HTML email due to the variable layout and security risks presented by this format.

  213. Admin,

    This may have already been answered but I couldn’t find it. What should I do to hardcode the subscribe form into my theme. I would like to hardcode into the footer of my page. Thanks a lot.

  214. Leland,

    I don’t support putting the form directly into themes as it causes too many support issues for me. If you know anything about PHP though take a look at the way the Widget works and you’ll be able to figure it out.

  215. hello
    i would like to know if it´s possible to insert a banner or an image to send it like the header of the e-mails sent, and how to do it.
    Thank u very much

  216. Could I do it with html? where do i have to put the image? In the directory wp-content/plugins/subscribe2? and then ? it doesn´7 work… 😦
    thank u for all

  217. thank u very much admin 🙂
    but, where shoul I save the image? In the subscribe2 folder? and then using the tag in thsi way
    I have tried it but it doesn´t work…
    thank u for your ehlp 🙂

  218. Hi,
    I’m setting up a neighborhood information exchange/blog, and I was thrilled to find your Subscribe2 plugin. I’ve been testing functions for several days, and your plugin is a thing of beauty and does exactly what I need it to do. But, it also does something that I don’t want it to do, and I’m hoping that you can tell me which file(s) I need to modify and what to comment out to make a change that I need.
    Here’s the situation – the default role for my users will be that of Author, which gives them just the capabilities that I want. But, with your plugin installed, when I log on as a test user, I see that Authors, when they choose the ‘Write’ tab, have an option to write a post, as I want them to, but also an option to email all registered users, which I definitely do not want them to have! If any of my users is allowed to freely send an email to all registered users, my neighborhood will surely shoot me!
    While that ‘send an email to all users’ is very convenient, my users are not restrained enough to possess that ability. I would appreciate it greatly if you can tell me how to eliminate that option for users. Thanks very much for your help.

  219. Bob,

    You’ll need to edit the code. Look for the admin_menu() function and change the rights in here. Look for:

    add_submenu_page('post-new.php', __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), "publish_posts", __FILE__, array(&$this, 'write_menu'));

    And try:

    add_submenu_page('post-new.php', __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), "manage_options", __FILE__, array(&$this, 'write_menu'));

    Bear in mind though that an Author can email your users by simply publishing a post that will generate an email notification.

  220. I would like to customize the confirmation messages for subscribers in the email and on the website.
    Ive looked at the php and pot files and made some changes, but no luck so far?

    Thanks, Lincoln

  221. Lincoln,

    Just search through the subscribe2.php file for the phrase that you want to change and amend it. Using a translation filt (POT) won’t really help unless you translate the whole plugin into another language so you’ll have to amend individual strings in the code.

    Make sure to refresh your browser after to ensure you aren’t loading from a cache.

  222. I am running the latest version of WP and just upgraded to the latest version of Subscribe2 and now none of the emails are being generated when a new topic is posted. It worked before the upgrade. I also have the following plugins installed that have no problems. Also, I do not get any error messages when Subscribe2 is activated.

    AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget (1.0)
    All in One SEO Pack (
    Configure SMTP (2.0)
    Google Analyticator (2.14)
    Maintenance Mode (3.2)
    Simple Tags (1.5.7)
    Subscribe2 (4.10)
    Wordpress Automatic Upgrade (1.2.2)
    WordPress Mobile Edition (2.1a)
    WP-PostRatings (1.31)
    WP-Print (2.31)

    Did anything change since the previous release that could be causing a problem? Is there a way to test this?

  223. Everything is working great! Just wondering if confirmation emails both for subscriptions and unsubscriptions are really necessary. Is there a way to turn them off and automatically accept subscriptions/unsubscriptions?

  224. Darren,

    There is no way to turn them off. I feel that the confirmation step is pretty important otherwise I can just bang a load of email addresses into your site and either you start spamming people or you get a load of bounced messages for non-existent emails!

  225. Admin, please tell us how to hardcode the widget into the theme itself. It’s a made by me for me theme and I want it to have a relatively simple subscribe function. Since all other plugins seem to be crap, and even though yours isn’t exactly what I want, I’d like to use it. But I don’t have widgets, nor do I have sidebars or anything of the sort. Everything is hardcoded. Please, tell me what php function should I use.

    I figured it was but there are the $args and I can’t figure them out.

    Also, if it’s at all possible, is there a way to disable the options for html/plain text and excerpt/full text?

  226. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for the great work with this plugin !

    I have a question (as do most that end up on this page :)) :

    can i somehow mix the TABLE and the PERMALINK keywords in the email templates, so when users get the daily digest, they don’t only get the title of the posts, but also the permalink to each of them ?


  227. JBravo,

    You can’t. To accomplish what you are after look for the following line in the code (around line 2436)

    $message .= $excerpt . "\r\n\r\n";

    And comment it out by adding a // to the start of the line.

  228. Admin, thanks for the fast reply 🙂

    I’ve commented out the line above, but that has made no change – I still receive only the titles of the posts, but no actual link to them.

    Anything else I need to do ? I’m currently using the TABLE and PERMALINK tags in the post notification messages…


  229. I have just installed Subscriber2 and set parameters in settings. I have apparently done something wrong. When inputting an email address and then clicking send I get the following ‘The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because the page address is incorrect.’

    What do I need to do to get this working.

    Thank you.

  230. VMoore,

    Have you created a WordPress page as detailed in the install instructions?

    Also check if you have any .htaccess rules running that might affect requests to your site.

  231. I created the page according to the detailed instructions.

    I am hosting this site with Host Excellence….what are .htacess rules and what/where would those be set?

    Thank you (I am very new to this)

  232. VMorre,

    .htaccess will be the name of the file in the root of your WordPress install. It should only contain the rules that are the default from WordPress.

  233. Does the subscribe2 plugin install properly on IIS? I have been in communication with the hoster and this was their reply on my trouble ticket and I posted a question with Experts-Exchange and they said basically the same thing:

    As you account is located on Windows server it is not possible to use .htaccess for it as that operating system doesn’t support it. Could you please turn to the developer of the plugin in order to know if it can be used on IIS Windows servers and if it is possible then please provide us the link to the official site of that plugin and give us the steps how we can reproduce the problem you have faced so that we can investigate it from our side and provide you solution.

    Thank you

  234. VMoore,

    There is no reason that I know of why it shouldn’t work with IIS but I cannot test to check this. I’ve never had problems reported before.

    Do you have other plugins active? Deactivate these first to make sure there are no conflicts.

  235. There are no other plugins on the blog. I will communicate back to the hoster and see if they can figure out the issue.

  236. Hi,

    Your plugin is really good, and a big bonus for my blog. I am using it to support groups of students as a supplementary to face-to-face group tutorials. Much of my blog is therefore set up to be only visible to different sub groups of users, it is a new blog, but I am hopeful it will evolve with each new academic year/semester.

    Could you consider a feature request?

    The option to auto subscribe to new categories…..I would like an option to hide this possibility altogether. I don’t want my users to start getting (or to be able to start getting) email traffic for categories they cannot see.

    I know they can always visit the blog and change their subscriptions, but somehow it would be cleaner if they never got the chance to sign up to future categories automatically. I’m afraid I’m a duffer at PHP, so I just did a bit of hacking to take this away, rather than turn it off elegantly.


  237. Hi,

    Thanks for your plugin.

    Did you check that translations (mo files) are still working for the new release?
    The plugin was working perfectly fine with the .mo file, but now I’ve had to disable the .mo file for the plugin to work. If the .mo file is enabled, when you press Send button, the input field is emptied but the confirmation message is not shown and the new suscriber does not appear in the list of Unconfirmed Suscribers.

    You can download the .mo file, if you want to check it, in the following link:

    Thanks and regards,

  238. Roy,

    Time constraints means that if I tested the plugin for each mo file then you’d never get a new version – there is only one regular author of Subscribe2 with a few people helping out bug tracking.

    There are a few people out there who update the translation files and share their efforts back for other user to benefit in much the same way that my efforts are shared essentially free of charge.

    Either wait for one of these people to update the translation file or grab a copy off the svn server and have a go yourself.

  239. Well, I had this finger pointing contest with the hoster and I decide the only way to prove IIS vs Linux was to open a Linux account and setup wordpress with subscribe2 on Linux. WordPress and subscribe2 do not play with IIS 9.0. Linux version was a snap. I literally had them up and running under 10 minutes with no error messages, no having to adjust code, no issues with sidebars and subscribe2 worked beautifully. So I don’t know if this was an issue with the way the hoster has IIS configured or what…….

  240. Admin;

    Ok, the problem it’s solved. it wasn’t a problem with the .mo files… I’ve been changing something inside subscribe2.php and that was the problem. Anyway I’ve been kidding by the cache and IExplorer… I think my problem was with some HTML special characters… (space character maybe) , but I’m not sure. Anyway it’s solved.
    I wasn’t asking to you about testing each .mo file,the question was if you know any issue about .mo files in the new version. I also remake the spanish .mo file for my needdings.

    I’m sorry for the misunderstandings,
    Thank your for the plugin,

  241. VMoore,

    It seems there are quite a few problems with WordPress on IIS where FastCGI is enabled. THa said, if you are running on Linux now I would not go back to IS if I was you. 🙂

  242. Roy,

    Thanks for letting me know that there isn’t a big problem with the .mo files 🙂

    Sorry if I misunderstood you – I’m just glad you have things working again.

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  244. Hi,
    Been trying to work out why the subscribe button isn’t working correctly. I’ve placed my own and test email addresses to subscribe to the site but I’m not able to view the email address in Tools>Subscribers. Not sure why it isn’t working. When I use the same email address again it states ‘E-mail address already subscribed.’ not sure what’s going on, any help would be really appropriated.

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