Sidebar Subscribe2 without a Widget

It seems that not a week goes by without at least one person asking me to tell them how to put Subscribe2 into the sidebar without using the widget. It usually involves several emails back and forth along the lines of:

  1. User -> Me: How do I put Subscribe2 into a sidebar
  2. Me -> User: With the widget
  3. User -> Me: But I don’t want to use the Widget because my theme isn’t widget enabled / I don’t use widgets / I don’t like widgets etc.
  4. Me -> User: I only recommend using Subscribe2 in a sidebar via the widget as I can offer any support to the infinite number of different sidebar implementations out in the WordPress world
  5. User -> Me: Pretty please!
  6. Me -> User: Groan!!!

For the record, there is a method of putting Subscribe2 into a sidebar without a widget. I cannot (and will not) support this method.

So, it’s time to enter your comment below. Do you:

  • Want the method posted but accept that if you use it you’re on your own!
  • Want to update your themes and start using the widget, getting help if things break!
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42 thoughts on “Sidebar Subscribe2 without a Widget

  1. Both should be fine. If you make sure, that your point of not-supporting (which I understand and I think most people will) is clear, sharing the method should bring you no additional annoyance – in fact it might get less and be replaced with thanks.

    I am gonna try the widget now :)

  2. Hey Matty, since I’m STILL having enormous problems getting the widgetized version to work correctly, I’d love to have the “abnormal” mode (I generally have more luck with that sort of thing anyway….)

    And I’d be perfectly happy to be “unsupported” on it. Thanks.

  3. HI Matt

    i belive some one will post it here , placing the susbscribe hack on the side bar , it will be use full for many people who looking around every where for the help (badly me)

  4. I want to use the darkside of the force. My vote is for the “normal” rather than widgetised version.

    I fully understand that “caveat emptor” applies and that any hassles I get into I have to find my own way out of.

    Kinda like life really.


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  6. Great Plugin. I had a little problem with the blog title butting up against the content, but adding a space after the TITLE constant in the “our variables” section fixed it.
    var $s2_subject = ‘[BLOGNAME] TITLE ‘;

  7. Mittineague,

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve never had this issue myself but I’ve made your fix available here for others.

    You could also ensure you put a space after TITLE in the template – that should work too.

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  9. Thanks for the plugin. It works great so far. I’m no widget man but will make it work one way or another to fit it in the sidebar:)

  10. if i paste the code –

    $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<--subscribe2-->);
    echo $content;

    in my sidebar, i only get the code on the screen.

  11. Hmm, now I got the code to disapear – but now there’s no form. Buhu!

    I would love to use the widget, but unfortunately my theme doesn’t support widgets.

  12. I wanted to use this plugin but unfortunately it doesnt work on my sidebar, pasting the code doesnt work either it just gives me parse error…

    Can anyone recommend me an alternative that would work on my sidebard? The author of this plugin is too lazy to edit the script so it has sidebar support.


  13. Ahemblah,

    Given that this site is run by the author of the plugin your comment is not worded in any way that is likely to get me to help you out for FREE is it?

    My plugin has a sidebar download that works with a widget enabled theme. If you can’t get it to work then it normally considered polite to request help not open up a comment telling me I’m lazy!

  14. Administrator:

    Thank you very much for putting yourself out there like you do. I was wondering if you or somebody you know has a written explanation about how to install plugins on your blog and also information on RSS feeds. I am new this and a bit confused.

    Thanks for all you do,


  15. Use the code below if you want to install this plugin on your sidebar without widget

    $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--subscribe2-->');
    echo $content;

    BUT is there a way so emails will be sent every week or monthly (that summarize my blog post during the past week) instead of every blog post is posted? I update my blog 2-3 times a week with two post so I don't really want to flood my subscribers with emails.

    PLEASE help. Best plugin ever! :)

  16. Goddamn this form is messed up (literally). It keeps stripping my tags and replacing the single quotation…

  17. ahemblah,

    I’ve fixed the code in your comment above – can’t be helped on this site as it’s hosted on and I have no control over the content stripping for comments.

    The code you’ve produced is exactly what I posted. Presumably your template wasn’t 100% php which is why you need the tags. That’s one of the reasons I don’t support non widget implementation – too many variables :-)

  18. My code above and your code will not work when pasted exactly because wordpress is converting the single quote with left/right quotation instead of the single quote you used on your keyboard (right beside the enter key) that’s why it was giving me a parse error before because I paste the code exactly as it was written.

  19. Ahemblah,

    Again, that’s down to doing some filtering of single quotes for fancy quotes. PHP doesn’t like fancy quotes.

    I’ve fixed up the code above and used escape characters in the main post – is that work any better for you?

  20. So is there a way so emails will be sent every week or monthly (that summarize my blog post during the past week) instead of every blog post is posted? I update my blog 2-3 times a week with two post so I don’t really want to flood my subscribers with emails.

  21. ahemblah,

    In Options -> Subscribe2 that should be options to send emails weekly. You could amend the code to add a monthly cron event if you wanted too,

  22. Ah thanks! I was using a different version so I did have that option before. But I upgraded to WP 2.2.1 and plugin to 3.6. I’ll see how it works out!

  23. You could amend the code to add a monthly cron event if you wanted too,
    Can you show an exemple?


  24. You could amend the code to add a monthly cron event if you wanted too….

    Can you show an exemple?


  25. Stéphane,

    Find the add_weekly_sched() function in the code and add a line for your monthly event.

    $sched['monthly'] = array(‘interval’ => 16934400, ‘display’ => __(‘Once Monthly’,’subscribe2′));

    would add an option for every 4 weeks. Simply change the number to the period in seconds and change the titles accordingly to suit your needs.

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